TEASER – Arrow of Time, part of chapter 2

This takes place when Edie’s been in Greenville for just over a week. There’s some parts between this and the previous one, but nothing that you need to follow this part. It’s set at the clubhouse and their yearly hog roast.

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Friday, March 2nd 2012


Bull was on a bench next to Dawg, both of them leaning against the table behind them. He was looking at the women carrying out food to the tables they’d set up earlier that day. His own Old Lady was among them, Angela. She wasn’t at club functions that often, but she’d wanted to come to this one. Angie was his second wife. He hardly ever thought about the first one, not unless he was forced to, but he was reminded of her now, since she used to love these things. Parading around as the Old Lady of the Sergeant at Arms, giving other girls shit. Angie was mostly looking uncomfortable and kept eyeing the sweetbutts. Probably wondering which ones of them he’d nailed.

She was nice and he did love her; he just had a lot of issues and probably shouldn’t have married her. She was hard to pass up on, though. Really pretty Latina woman with big soulful eyes, and he’d needed a mom for his kid. He knew she was better than he deserved, as far as a wife went, at least. She was good, and he tried. He just wasn’t very successful and had a hard time caring about how bad he was failing.

Brick came walking next to Bear, their VP, and he stood up to meet them. It had been a packed week, and he still hadn’t gotten around to talking about Edie, so he was gonna have a quick talk with him now.

Hey, Bull,” Brick took the beer a hangaround was handing him and then waited until he was gone. “What’s up? You’ve got that serious face.”

Been wanting to ask you about Edie. Want me to do a check up on her? Or put Mech on it?”

Brick shook his head. “Nah, I know what you’ll find.”

Bull eyed him, and then Brick took him to the side.

I know you, so I know I could order you to not do a check up and you wouldn’t do it, but it would bug the shit outta you.” Bull had to admit the guy was right. It would bug him. “So do it, but you don’t share that with anyone, got it?”


He’d been worried before that, now he was more curious. Brick seemed pretty damn sure he knew what was on her, and he also seemed sure it would be something big, but nothing that would matter to the club. He’d get on it first thing tomorrow.

I might need Mech.”

No. Do it yourself, it’ll be enough. Full name is Edie Marie Yates, born in New York. I’ll text you the rest of the info tomorrow. I’m not gonna ruin Mel’s day by asking for Edie’s info today.” Brick looked at something and when Bull turned around he noticed Edie walking across the lot and up to Mel. “Make sure the others behave tonight. She’s not pussy, and she’s already a bit on edge about this. I want her to feel welcome.”

I will. Don’t think you have to worry. Mel’s sister is family, that’s how they’ll treat her.”

Just then he saw Dawg home in on her and with a big smile he got up and started towards her. Brick turned towards him with a meaningful smile.

Fuck! Yeah. Hrm…” Bull said. “I’ll fill him in. He wasn’t here when she came.” Dawg had been away up to the mother charter to visit his family and had come back that morning.

Do that,” Brick said and watched Dawg with an amused face.

Dawg had earned his road name by being a dawg. He nailed anything on the upper part of the hot scale as long as it was a human female. Anything. Only ones he stayed away from were Old Ladies and daughters of members. He still charmed the shit outta them, since that was his natural state of being. He couldn’t talk to a woman without flirting with her. It was pretty funny to watch. Bull liked Dawg, he was loyal member, never a problem and did what he was told. He was funny as hell too, part of his natural charm, probably. He moved closer to hear what Dawg was saying. He had his usual big dawg smile, and Bull noticed him checking out her ass when she turned away. Dawg’s smile got bigger as he gave it an approving nod. Obviously he liked what he saw. Bull had to agree, the ass was very nice.

The reason he didn’t immediately stop Dawg was that Edie didn’t seem to care, and she definitely wasn’t swooning. Her turning around and focusing on the food wasn’t to hide a blush, it was to actually fix something on the table. It might not be the first woman who didn’t fall like a log for Dawg, but it wasn’t common. Definitely not among the women who came to the Spring Hog Roast. Dawg was fully capable of getting a female into his bed in less than fifteen minutes if he really gave it a try. It depended on the woman, though, and if Bull had to guess, Edie had seen this play more than a few times before. At least that’s how he interpreted the eye roll she did just before a deep sigh. Bull figured this could be fun to watch, and he could always stop it if it went south.

So you’ve been traveling, Nibbles,” Dawg drawled. “Where?”

She shrugged as an answer to his question while looking around. “All over.”

For long?” Dawg was still smiling and took a step closer.

Six years.”

Six years?!” That seemed to throw him off and Brick chuckled. This really wasn’t one of Dawg’s usual girls, and he might just have figured that out. “Around the world?”

Yes.” She sighed again. “Nice to meet you,” she continued and then she quickly walked away.

Dawg looked stunned, but he didn’t give in that easily, and when he took a few steps to go after her, Bull stopped him.

Off limits,” he said with his hand on Dawg’s chest. “She’s Mel’s baby sister.”

Mel has a sister?” He looked after the girl. “A hot fucking sister. Look at that ass! What’s her name?”

Edie. And again, she’s off limits, so don’t even try to play her.”

Fine, fine. Why the fuck haven’t we heard about her?”

Didn’t she just tell you that? She’s been traveling. Walkabout or some shit like that, last six years.”

That was true?”


Dawg still hadn’t taken his eyes off her, and he still had a smile on his lips while he eyed her.

Seriously, brother,” Bull tried again. “Stay away. It shouldn’t be a surprise to you that you’re on top of the ‘stay the fuck away’-list in this case.”

Nah. I get it. Pity,” he said with a sigh. “She was fine. All shy. Love fucking those shy girls.”

Take one of the other girls here. Or take two.”

He didn’t bother to correct Dawg. Edie wasn’t shy. She just didn’t give a fuck about him, but that wasn’t his problem and it could be fun to watch Dawg butt his head against that brick wall for a while.


Dawg wasn’t gonna try to fuck that girl, Edie; he just wanted to talk a little more. He’d said to Bull that she was shy, but when he replayed their conversation he was starting to suspect she actually wasn’t even the slightest bit interested in him. So naturally, now he wanted to see if she really wasn’t interested or if she was faking it. He was pretty fucking sure she was faking it. He was also pretty damn curious about her trip. So when Brick was occupied with Eliza, and Mel was talking to some of the Old Ladies, Bull was getting a blow job in the bathroom and Edie was sitting outside, all alone, he grabbed two beers and sat down next to her.

No thanks,” she said when he tried to hand her one of them.

Had enough?”

I don’t drink,” she said and then he noticed the joint in her hand.

He halted his hand with his own beer halfway to his mouth, turned his head and looked at her.

You smoke pot, but you don’t drink.”

I don’t like what I’m like when I drink.”

Okay,” he nodded and took a swing from his beer. “So you’re Mel’s baby sister?”


Just got home from a six year long trip?”


And you don’t drink?”


By now his smile was big. She wasn’t giving anything up, but it was kind of fun, and she was nice to look at. He knew what she was doing and liked it. He knew how to deal with that, so he went with it for a bit longer.

But you smoke pot?”


Good to be home?”


He finally laughed and he didn’t miss the twitch at the corner of her lips as well. So busted. She liked it too.

You’re not making this easy, baby” He lit a smoke. “You could at least try to help me get this conversation going.”

She finally looked up at him and this time with a visible smile she said. “Why?”

Why not?” He held out his hand and she gave him her joint, but when he tried to give her his cigarette she shook her head and he threw it down on the ground.

You’re called Dawg, right?”


And you guys seem to quite often have fitting nicknames. So if I got it right, listening to the other girls talking, Bull is called Bull because he is one. Basically not the diplomatic kind or dick size, I haven’t made up my mind.”

It’s the diplomacy rather than dick.”

That wasn’t it at all. Bull was a smart guy, really could see the big picture shit and good at reading people. The ‘bull’ was more that he on occasion saw red and he was not fun to be around when that happened. It was better if she didn’t know that.

I heard about some of the others as well, Vasco likes to explore, not sure that’s all about geographical areas, though,” she said with a smile. “Although he’s probably too old to go where ‘no man has gone before’ these days.”

Dawg laughed. “You’d be surprised. That’s a horny old man. But it really was more about roads. He used to be a Nomad.”

There’s biker nomads?” She asked and took the joint he was giving back.

Their charter isn’t in a town, they basically sit down at the table when they’re at a charter and… it’s hard to explain.”

Like real nomads basically?”

Yup.” There was something about how she said that that made him curious. “You’ve met any?”

I travelled with the Yeniche for a while.”

Never heard of them. Where was it?”

Central Europe.” She left the subject and continued on the names. He was gonna ask her about that later on, though. As far as he knew those people rarely let anyone travel with them. “Mech is the tech guy. And then it’s you. Dawg.” She gave him a smile. “Why are you called that?”

He shook his head, knowing what her point was. “Not hitting on you. I’d like to, but I’m not. Just gettin’ to know you.”

Suuure,” she said with a smile and offered him the joint again. He took it.

You’re off limits. Brick’d have my balls if I made a serious move.”

You just can’t talk to a woman without hitting a little, is that it?”

He was just about to answer when he noticed Mel coming towards them, shaking her head with a small smile on her lips. He was in trouble, but judging by the smile not too much trouble.

I think our time is up.”

I think it is,” Edie said and stood up. “Like your ink. Should’ve opened with an ink discussion and then offered to show me the rest of it,” she said with a wink and he laughed again.

Dawg, Dawg, Dawg,” Mel said as soon as Edie was out of earshot. “Couldn’t help yourself.”

Just talking.”

Dawg. You never ‘just talk’ to a woman.”

I ‘just talk’ to you.”

She’s my sister. My baby sister, she just got home after being away for a long time. Please don’t go there. You’ll hurt her and I would have to accidentally slash the tires on your bike.”

Dawg put his hand over his heart. “You wouldn’t!”

She stepped closer, squinting her eyes, but still smiling. “I’d even key it.”

I’ll stay away.” He laughed and kissed her cheek. He really liked Mel. “She’s hot, though,” he yelled after her as Mel strode off. Her only reply was give him the finger over her shoulder.

He laughed again as he followed her inside. There were other girls that he didn’t have to stay away from. When the strip club closed and the strippers strolled into the clubhouse, he found a hot little redhead he’d been with before. So he put his arm around her and walked off, noticing Edie, next to Vasco, looking at him with a small smile. When he winked, her smile got bigger and she shook her head.


The party was nice. I had a lot of fun. One of the first people Lanie introduced me to was Micheala, or Ella, as everyone called her, according to herself. She was Bear’s wife. Or Old Lady, as they tended to call themselves. She was also Lanie’s best friend and she caught me in a looong hard hug. It was a bit overwhelming to almost be attacked by a really tall, blond beauty with huge breasts that almost smothered me.

Oh my god! You’re even more beautiful that Bear said. I guess he was holding back or something.”

Eh, hi.”

Girl, you stick to me, not your sister, tonight and you’ll have a great time.”

I laughed. She seemed nice. “You’re probably right.” When she tried to hand me a beer a shook my head. “I don’t drink.”

No? Pot?”

I do smoke that.” Within minutes she’d gotten me one and I put it behind my ear to save for later.

I stuck to her for a while, and then I snuck outside to smoke it in peace. Obviously I was caught by Dawg again, but he was pretty nice that time. After getting back inside, I sat down, watching people. Ella had introduced me to quite a few of them, and I’d seen pictures and had info about them in the emails from Lanie, so I had that advantage at least.

Ella found me and sat down next to me again, telling me a little gossip about everyone. Nothing serious, but she was very quick to let me know that Dawg, Sisco, Mace and the prospect Haze were singles. She pointed out that Dawg was someone I should stay away from. Then she asked me what I thought about the others.

Mace had long blond hair and long goatee he kept in a braid, reaching all the way down to his chest. He was pretty tall, looked fairly well cut, but had something that did resemble a beer belly. Not my type at all, and I shook my head. Next was Sisco. He was quite hot, long dark hair with a full long beard and a nice smile. Kinda normal build. Still shook my head. Last one was Haze. He was around my age, curly hair, a beard and… boyish. I shook my head again. Ella laughed.

You’re a picky girl. In all honesty, besides Haze, they’re all too used to being single.” She pointed at Dawg. “I bet that is your type though? He’s everyone’s type.”

He was quite tall, wore a beanie, had a full beard and was covered in tattoos, all the way up to his jawline, and in all honesty; he was really hot. I tried to avoid her question by asking her one.

Are you trying to get me hooked on the Old Lady-thing?”

Maybe,” she smiled.

Around eleven and after a two minute talk on the phone, she cursed and looked at me.

Problem at the BB.”

BB?” I asked.

Booty Bank, the strip club. I’m club mama there.”

Club mama?”

I keep the girls in check. I have to go,” she kissed my cheek. “I’ll see you soon.”

You’re walking there?”

It’s just around the corner. Should check out the sex shop we have there. If you’re gonna be forcefully single you’re going to need a vibrator, honey.”

I laughed and waved at her. I could see why Lanie liked her—no inhibitions whatsoever. I didn’t get to sit alone for long before Vasco sat down next to me. He had long gray hair and beard. He wasn’t that big, not skinny, but pretty normal-sized. I was guessing he was one of those lean, low fat bodies-type, a bit like Iggy Pop. At least that’s what it looked like when he had his clothes on, but his lower arms weren’t lacking any muscles and didn’t seem to have an ounce of fat.

He’d been in the club for a long time, and I asked him about Nomading, remembering what Dawg had told me. He told me he’d gone Nomad pretty early on, trying to find biker clubs and getting friends for the Marauders. He’d joined the mother charter when he got married. He divorced and then came here to be a part of starting up this club. Now he was sort of an honorary member—active, but more in an advisory role.

Suddenly I saw Ella coming back and pushing a bunch of girls in front of her. The members who hadn’t picked a girl for the night immediately met them, cheering. When Dawg walked away with a girl, giving me a wink, Vasco laughed.

Girl, did he hit on you?”

Naw, flirted a little. Think it was mostly out of habit. Not sure he can talk to a female in any other way.”

No. Probably not,” Vasco agreed. “He’s a good kid, unless you’re a decent looking woman. I’m his godfather.”


Yup. Love him like hell.” He took a gulp from his beer. “I’d still advise you to stay away, though.”

I’ve gotten that message a few times today.” I smiled at him. “What’s your real name?”

Vasco is my real name. In the club, we’re our road names, so that’s our real names.”

Okay. Sorry.”

Nothing to be sorry about.” He looked at me and gave me a smile. “You’ll learn if you hang around.”

Is this your not so subtle way of asking if I’ll stick around?”

I’m not a subtle guy. But since you brought it up, are you gonna stick around?”

I nodded. After the talk to Brick and being here for a week, I’d landed a bit. I liked it here. I liked Lanie’s family, and the guys, even Dawg, had been nice. They seemed to welcome me, and even if I’d hooked up with people in different places, this was different. I wasn’t deluded, I knew that the difference was that Lanie was here, but at the moment that was enough. So I answered Vasco as honestly as possible.

For a while. The foreseeable future. That’s about as much as anyone can promise.”

He nodded. “True. Very true.” He looked at me. “So what’s the plan?”

Not sure. I’ll see if I can get a job as a bartender or something.”

I didn’t have the option to be picky when it came to getting a job. I’d just barely finished high school, and I didn’t have any references to give out. At least not that many, and none that could be easily accessed to question for a potential new employer.

You don’t drink!”

I’m a brilliant bartender, though.” I laughed at his confusion. “Worked at a bar in Germany. Actually worked at a lot of different ones, but the first one was in Germany, and the owner said that a bartender was either an alcoholic or an absolutist, so the fact that I didn’t drink didn’t matter.”

A bit cutthroat, don’t you think?”

Maybe. Probably, even. The point was more that it wasn’t a bad thing that I don’t drink. And let me tell you, I can make some mean drinks.”

What else did you work as?”

All those jobs where they’re not a stranger to paying you under the table. In most countries it’s a damn hassle if you wanna work. They bury you in paperwork and most often I didn’t stick around for long enough for it all to be done.”

A lot of cleaning I take it?”

Oh, yes. Got mad skills with a mop.”

That made him laugh again, and I took a closer look at him. I liked him a lot. He felt safe in some weird way. Trustworthy and easy to talk to. He didn’t poke around. Like he’d said, he wasn’t subtle, he flat out asked, and I always preferred that.

I’ll ask around,” he said, but wasn’t looking at me.


I’ll ask around, for a job.”

I was about to tell him that it wasn’t necessary when he raised his hand to shut me up.

Not askin’. I’m tellin’. I’ll ask around. Got some friends here and not embarrassed to use them for family.”


We both looked at Lanie when she came towards us and leaned over to me.

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but we’re getting closer to that time when the girls are starting to drop their panties.”

I looked around and noticed that she was right. Panties were starting to drop, and I started laughing.

Actually, I hadn’t, but now that you mention it…”

Vasco laughed as well.

Yeah,” Lanie continued. “So I’m out of here. You coming with me?”

Absolutely,” I said and turned to Vasco. “You know she used to email me a lot about you guys, club parties and stuff. She never mentioned the ‘panties coming off’-hour, though’”

He leaned forward and kissed my cheek. “My favorite hour.”

I’ll see you around.”

Since I’ll be here for the foreseeable future, too, I’m pretty sure you will.” He followed me to the door and made sure I wasn’t caught by anyone.


Brick gave his Old Lady a deep kiss before turning to Edie. The three of them were standing outside the clubhouse; he was gonna stay behind for a while before going home.

All good?”

Yes. Had a good time. Really liked Vasco.”

He’s a good guy.”

He’d noticed Edie sitting at a table, just looking around, so he asked Vasco to keep her company. He’d known the two of them would hit it off. Also, Vasco would send Dawg running if he tried anything again. He hadn’t missed him sniffing around Edie.

The VP, Bear, and his Old Lady, Ella, were on their way home as well, and he stopped them to talk to Ella.

What was that shit at BB?”

BB, The Booty Bank, was the strip club they owned. It was part of a chain, every charter of Marauder Riders MC owned at least one, some more than one. The Greenvilles also had a sex shop attached to the strip club. Originally they’d only kept it open during daytime, but then realized it made a good deal of money on the drunk, horny guys leaving the strip club.

The reason for the strip clubs was simple, they were a good way to launder money, since a majority of the transactions were in cash. It was a good setup. The mother charter owned the rights to the name, but each club owned their own clubs. It was easy to move money around within the entire chain. Most clubs also had one other legal business that was owned by that club alone. Greenville had the garage, and that was the most common setup. The inner workings between all the different businesses were a maze, and that was by design. It was fucking brilliant. And getting girls to work at the strip club was easy as breathing for a biker club and they treated them good. The girls got good deals simply since the only point of the club was to make money on paper, not in reality.

Ella had worked at the club, and that’s how she’d met Bear. She hadn’t been one of the girls who came to the clubhouse, but he’d fallen head over heels for her. Wasn’t hard to see why. She was tall, around six feet, nice rack and long blond hair. He’d chased her for months; the rest of the guys made fun of him, but he didn’t care. He wanted her. Then she gave in, probably partly because he didn’t care that she had a daughter, rather the opposite, and he charmed the shit outta the kid as well

When they got a kid of their own, he didn’t want Ella to work on stage anymore. She was an experienced stripper, so they put her as club mama. Best fucking thing they’d ever done. She was great. Being a pushy bitch was her natural state. So when he’d seen her take off, looking pissed as hell, he almost felt sorry for whatever girls that were fighting at the moment. She wouldn’t usually leave the BB on a Saturday, but this was the Spring Hog Roast and she wasn’t going to miss it.

She rolled her eyes in answer to his question.

Fucking Becky. She exploded when her panties weren’t where they should have been. Linn had moved them, and Becky thought she’d used them. It was nothing.”


She took his arm and pulled him to the side. “Something else, though. About Jessica, I think she’s using. Something is really off with her.”

Using what?”

The rules for the girls were simple, work your shifts, don’t fucking try to scam us, no fucking on the premises (unless it was with a Marauder, they weren’t even going to try to stop that), don’t pick up Johns on the premises and do not, ever, use drugs. If they smoked pot before or after, he didn’t give a shit. Heavier drugs they got one shot and then they were out. Permanently. Heavier drugs tended to lead to picking up johns and fucking on the premises, so they didn’t tolerate that.

I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s something.”

If Ella said it, she was sure, she didn’t blow the whistle until she was sure.

I’ll have a look at it.” He kissed her cheek and gave Bear a hug. “See you, brother.”

Once they were off he sat down next to Vasco.

Thanks, old man, for keeping the girl company.”

Nothing to thank me for. That’s a good girl.” He turned to Brick. “And now that I like her; tell me the truth.”


Nice girl like that wouldn’t run off and keep a sister she loves worried for that long just to ‘find herself’ or ‘do a spiritual journey’. What happened to her?”

Brick tried to hide his smile. He’d known Vasco would ask that. He had a soft spot for young girls and not only in the ‘wanna fuck’-way. He liked them, and if they were smart and nice, which Edie was, he adored them. He also knew troubled kids, could spot one in a second in a crowded room. He still hesitated, though, and Vasco noticed.

Hey, we both know why you sent me to her. I need the basics if you want me to help her.”

You getting bored?”

Yeah. Only one I haven’t straightened out completely is Dawg and that pussy diving is something even I can’t fix. He’ll keep that up till something shocks him straight. So what’s up with her?”

She killed their dad.”

Vasco raised his eyebrows. “Killed him?”

Yes. He was an ass. There’s more to it, but I’m not gonna go there, you need to figure that out yourself. Let’s just say he got better than he deserved.”

It was a long and fucked up story that he wasn’t going to tell Vasco. Like he’d said to Edie, it was her story to tell. Vasco would be okay with that and he’d probably get the truth out of Edie in no time. In a way that she was comfortable with.

Course he did. She’s a good girl, I know she had her reasons. Thought I’d think less of her for that?”

No, but I don’t think she wants people to know.” He took the bottle from Vasco and poured himself a glass of whiskey. “So don’t you fucking spread it around. She liked you. I want you to know so you know where she’s coming from.”

I can deal with that,” Vasco nodded. “Who else knows?”

Mel, obviously, but other than her, no one. It’s no one’s fucking business.”

Bull would find out, but he’d talk to him the next day when he gave him Edie’s info to make sure he kept his mouth shut.

No, it isn’t.” Vasco looked up and scanned the room. “Can see how that would mess with a girl. She clear of all that? Legally, I mean.”

Yeah. It was considered self defense.”

He didn’t add that it had taken one hell of a lawyer to get it to that. He agreed with it though. It was self defense; she didn’t have a choice and she should’ve done it much earlier. Fuck! Mel should’ve done it before she left the house.

I won’t spread it around, but you know that.”

I know that.”

Told her I’d check around for a gig for her. Think she’d like to work.”

He patted his shoulder. “Thanks.”

Hey!” he said when Brick stood up. “I wanna hear you admit it; you did that on purpose, set me up with her.”

Yes I did. Admit it—you’re looking forward to it.”

Vasco gave him a big smile and nodded. He’d known the old man would fucking love to take on a girl instead of a troubled boy for a change. He was the granddad of the club, all kids loved him and some of them adored him simply for being the guy who never judged you for anything. Basically, he was all the things Edie needed.

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