TEASER: For Your Sake

Hi Everyone!

As most of you know from our FB group, I’ve been working on an original biker/romance genre story since around September.  I’m at 57K words and fourteen chapters and tweaked enough to where I’ve finally decided to post a sample in the link below the summary.My goal is to have this finished by March-ish.  After that, it’ll be a decision on whether I will self-publish or post to a site for original work.  I’ll have a better feel once I get closer to ‘The End’.

To everyone on the group and whoever has followed me on FF.Net in the past, I hope you all enjoy this sampler.  Title is pretty much set, unless the story progresses to where something else fits better.  The story will be a stand-alone (not part of a series).  Thanks everyone…….Elena


             Hidden at the northern-most point of the Mountain State of West Virginia was the quiet town of Tippitt, home to less than twenty thousand residents as well as the Mountain Skulls Motorcycle Club.  Under a veil of good standing and legitimate business, the 1% outlaws maintain a tight watch on their surroundings while conducting affairs which bring in the ‘real’ money.

               Ben Lawson isn’t just the club’s enforcer, but the one called upon when debts got settled.  Big, strong and fiercely loyal, his unassuming calm belies a man willing to get his hands dirty for a club who’d been his only family.  But when the deaths of two brothers hits too close to home, it cracks that detatched exterior, sending him on collision course which literally lands him in the path Eva Sinclair.

               Beautiful and independent, Eva has wrapped her life around her business and new home in an effort to bury memories best left behind.  Anyone she ever cared for has either died or left, causing her to emotionally push away anyone who gets too close. But when near-fatal circumstances puts her on Ben’s radar, she finds herself  being shadowed by a man as dangerous as his club’s whispered reputation.  Before she knows it, Eva finds herself breaking her own protective rules, allowing the imposing biker into her life where his outlaw lifestyle challenges her civilian one.   Their attraction is instant and explosive – and one neither one can afford……nor resist. 

               But when the club finds a connection between Eva and a current threat, it jeopardizes the fragile trust between her and a man who holds no forgiveness for betrayal– and may wind up his target because of it.

For Your Sake – Prologue – Ch 3

11 thoughts on “TEASER: For Your Sake

  1. Cannot wait to read more. Please publish because I will most certainly buy it!
    Am a huge fan of what you left behind on ffnet. And I think you are good enough to publish. I would really live to read more.

  2. I stumbled across this blog while looking for info on Susan Fanetti after reading the first three books in the Signal Bend series. While I was exploring the site, I clicked on the teaser for your book and devoured it. It was so beautifully written, painting such a clear and stunning mental picture of the events that unfold. I hope that you will publish it so we can enjoy the rest of it and see how it ends.

  3. Nice job – I would love to Beta read for you if you need reader’s to help you decide how you will publish – I’m a huge fan of Signal Bend series, but have room for more indi authors who write great stuff…you can contact me at: kerbytejas at gmail dot com

    thanks for the preview

  4. Hi! I’m just wondering if you ever decided whether to publish this. (If not, I think you should reconsider 🙂 I really enjoyed the teaser and would love to read the finished product.

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