ALL THE SKY, Signal Bend Series Book 5: Cover and Synopsis

Hi, everybody!

Since we’re only 2 weeks from the 12 April release date of All the Sky, I thought I’d post the cover and the synopsis for the book.

Havoc’s story picks up shortly after the end of In Dark Woods. If you haven’t read that novella, you should still be able to follow the story–things were quiet for the club during that time between Alone on Earth and All the Sky.

Here’s the cover:

all the sky image1 resized

And the synopsis:

Joseph “Havoc” Mariano is an enforcer for the Night Horde MC. He’s a punch first, think maybe kind of guy, a man of action.  He’s impatient and frustrated with the quiet life—times are changing, his town is changing, his club is changing, and Havoc places the blame squarely on the women that his brothers are settling down with.  There’s only room for two women in his life: his mother and his sister. Romance holds no appeal for him whatsoever.  He’s a homegrown, hometown boy whose attitude covers scars he’s mostly forgotten about.

Corinne Hawes is a single mother struggling to find a way to make a life for her and her teenage son, Nolan. She is an artist at heart, a free spirit on whom the structure and rigor of routine chafes hard. When she takes a job that makes Havoc her boss, they butt heads. But in their confrontations, a spark ignites. When they let their guards down, that spark explodes into a blaze.

While Cory learns to trust Havoc, and Havoc grapples with a major shift in his priorities and outlook on life, the period of legitimacy and peace comes to an end for the Horde. They had no idea that they were in so deep until an old enemy resurfaces and perpetrates a horror that affects Havoc, and Cory, profoundly.

Note: Explicit sex and violence.

I hope you enjoy Hav and Cory’s story, and the continuing story of Signal Bend and the Night Horde MC.



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