Cover and release date for Perfect Collision, Marauders: Book Two

First, I’m very sorry about all the delays, but here it is…

Perfect Collision, the second book in the Marauders Series will be released on April 20th. The synopsis will be added shortly, but it’s about Violet and Mac, but also about Violet’s relationship to her dad, Bear, and his reactions to her growing up. That’s the short version.

Below is the cover. There will also be a new similar cover design for Arrow of Time. When we worked on this one, we came up with a lot of new ideas and decided to redesign the first cover as well. Hopefully, we’ll be able to stick to this design to the third book


Perfect Collision(1)

Perfect CollisionA perfectly inelastic collision, a plastic collision, occurs when a maximum amount of kinetic energy is lost in the collision, and the colliding particles stick together. Without friction, the momentum of the bodies is conserved, and they move forward together.


10 thoughts on “Cover and release date for Perfect Collision, Marauders: Book Two

  1. I’m so excited for this one! Is the release date still the 20th? I’ve been looking for the book on Goodreads but it hasn’t been added yet.

  2. I love it!!! I sped read through it now gonna slow down and enjoy it again. Thanks!
    PS is it too much to hope for Lisa and Mitch?

    • Thank you, so glad you liked it! The next book will be about Mitch. The teaser will be up shortly. I also have either a short story or a novella planned for Lisa. More info about that one later.

  3. It’s April the 20 and I can’t find the book anywhere , where did Yuli find the book , your twitter nor this blog has a update. Would like it know has there been a delay and if not why is the book not available on Amazon, thanks..

    • I’ve published a link now. I’m sorry for the delay. The book was up, but I’ve been stuck on a train. Actually still stuck on a train, but managed to find a connection for my phone.

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