The Fall of Gwen Stacy, A Marauders Short Story

Eliza cov 1

A short story from Eliza’s POV. It takes place between Perfect Collision and the third book in the Marauders Series.

The full story can be downloaded or read here: The Fall of Gwen Stacy, A Marauders Short Story

The full book about Eliza, Equilibrium, will be released on November 27th, 2015. For more information and a teaser, see this post.

9 thoughts on “The Fall of Gwen Stacy, A Marauders Short Story

  1. I finished Perfect Collision and loved it! I know this may seem odd but I kept on imagining Violet maybe having an affair or a one off with Chris(or really maybe another guy because she was/is so young).. causing some turmoil in the next book and then having Mac forgive her and have all those emotions that come with that.
    I love your writing style and can’t wait for more!

  2. Thank you so much! Both of you!

    Cristie: I’m currently choosing among book which one to release next, but I’ll keep you updated here on the blog.

    Skylar: I laughed a little, because you’re actually not the first one suggesting something should go one between Chris and Vi. Even if it’s not with Vi, there will most likely be more Chris in the future, though. 😉

  3. Book 1 was amazing but book 2, I’ve already read twice!!! love Vi and Mac!!! can’t wait for book 3.. kinda hope its about lisa and mitch or at least mitch!!!!:)

  4. Just finished both your books and loved them. And noooooooo! It would ruin Vi and Mac’s story if they cheated… (just my opinion of course :)) Can’t wait to see who’s next…are you going to be doing any stories on some of the older members? Just curious, I also wanted to say I really enjoy how much of a “family” feel they have.

    • Thank you!

      I’m planning a few novellas, and of course the third book. I’m working on the teaser for that one, and it should be up soon.

      And I’m glad you like the family feel, I really want that to be obvious in the books.

    • Thank you, and sorry for the delayed reply. I’m just about to finish a ‘detour’ or ‘interlude’ book. It’s about Mace, and starts a few months after the events in the Christmas story. Teaser and more info will be up on the blog really soon.

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