Show the Fire is LIVE (and other Signal Bend News)


show the fire imagetrial finalHi all,

I have a few things to tell you today.

First, Show the Fire, Signal Bend Book 6, is now LIVE on Amazon. Buy it here.

Also, the good folks at the “Gotta Have Romance with a Kick” group on Goodreads have invited me to do a Q&A. That’s scheduled for 7:30pm eastern time on Sunday, 8 June. I’ll be answering reader questions for an hour. Here’s the link.

Next,  over the past few days, I’ve posted a couple of new Signal Bend Shorts here on the blog. Direct links to them:

Only So an Hour

The Temporary Mother

Finally, I’ll post a teaser for Leave a Trail, Signal Bend Book 7 (the final in the series) tomorrow.

Happy reading!


4 thoughts on “Show the Fire is LIVE (and other Signal Bend News)

  1. OMG. It is hard to say if this is the best in the series, or if the story is just coming together. This is by far the best MC series around at the moment. So much depth to the characters. I thought Bart leaving and Havocs sister made me tear up but this book, ugly crying at 2am and I just could not stop reading. The brief appearances by Lillie were different for her, not sure what I think about that. Can’t wait now to read Badger’s story, he has so got baggage now. Justice will be sweet for them all.

  2. 68% in and…OMG, I can’t even breathe. It’s too much. What have you done Susan?! Please, please just give me some happy…no more heartache. Oh poor Cory…..*sigh*.

  3. Wow! It was a heartbreaking read but I totally loved it. Susan I am going to cry when this series ends you do the biker genre justice.!

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