Blood in the Water, Kairos Series, Book One: Cover reveal and synopsis

Cover_Blood_SeriesBlood in the Water, the first book in the Kairos Series and the first MC romance by Catherine Johnson will be released on Friday, 4th July 2014.

If you’ve read my Fan Fiction (Mucky Shroom) you’ll recognise some of my OCs from Your Past is Always Behind You and Aces and Eights, but I should warn you that Ashleigh, the female lead, is very different in the Kairos Universe and these stories are not the same as my FanFics.


Anywhoo, here’s the synopsis and a Teaser.

Ashleigh Carter is no stranger to crime, but she’s no criminal; or at least, not technically; by association she’s as guilty as sin. Her father is President of the Priests MC, a motorcycle club that rides on the wrong side of the law.

Paul ‘Shark’ Reardon is caught in the middle. What starts out as a simple, yet dangerous, mission for his club, the Rabid Dogs MC is soon complicated by acceptance, friendship and a blue-eyed blonde who is very definitely off-limits.

Everyone’s hiding something and trust is in short supply. Hazardous lives, already fraught with tension, are twisted into cross and double-cross. Somewhere in the middle of the plots and lies is a chance for love, if everyone can just make it out the other side alive.


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