Indulge is now LIVE

Indulge Cover
The first book of the Red Rebels MC is now live on Amazon and Smashwords.

Gertrude Dénise is rootless, divorced and floating. Trying to decide if she wants adventure or a stable safe home life, “Gertie” has resolved to try a little bit of everything. Perhaps she missed out on something marrying young. Or maybe she’s never known what she wants.

David “Buck” Buckingham is the recently-appointed Sergeant At Arms for the Red Rebels Motorcycle Club. Steadfast, steady and dependable, made to fulfil every duty that patch on his kutte requires. As much as he can be counted on, he has a soft spot for a certain hazel-eyed redhead who proves to be much more unpredictable.

Buck is another new experience. Gertie is an entertaining contradiction. Buck knows he could be a danger to her, but his lifestyle might not be the biggest threat to the woman who is starting to mean more and more to him.

5 thoughts on “Indulge is now LIVE

  1. Wow, this book was great! Well written, interesting story and fully developed characters. Gertie was a mess but my heart broke for her, Buck, the best – love him. I can’t wait to read more of Buck and Gertie and the others. I can’t wait for Tank and Knuckles books – definitely more Sheriff Sharon Downey – I think she and Tank would be great, yeah.

    So when is book two coming out? lol 😄

  2. Holy cow…. So this showed up in my Facebook feed and I immediately stopped reading what I was reading and downloaded this book. Oh man Gertie made me want to scream and Buck well he was just too awesome. Great read can’t wait for more. And if we don’t get a Tank and Sheriff Downey book I will be really sad.

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