Bones by the Wood, Kairos Series, Book Two: Cover reveal and synopsis

Cover: Bones by the WoodBones by the Wood, an MC romance and the second book in the Kairos Series by Catherine Johnson, will be released on Friday, 5th September 2014.

Here’s the synopsis and a Teaser.

Steve ‘Dizzy’ Disraeli has been the Sergeant at Arms of the Priests MC, Louisiana for fifteen years; he’s been a member for more than twenty. Now his President has a big task for him, Samuel Carter has asked him to travel to move back to his native Texas to head up a new charter of the Priests MC. He’s got a lot of work to do, and he needs to find a way to make a home now that he is no longer surrounded by the family he has known for more than half his life.

Althea ‘Thea’ Colby is just trying to get along as best she can. It’s not easy being a single mama, but she’s giving it her all. Her son, Josh, is her world and the only man worth having in her life. She spent some time on the sidelines of the biker club in the town she calls home for sometime, but never had any plans to get drawn in any further.

But the Rabid Dogs MC has disappeared without trace or explanation and now there’s a new MC in town and they seem to have brought a truckload of trouble with them. Thea and Josh are at risk from their enemies, and her heart is certainly at risk from the President of the club himself.

Thea has to fight to keep her tiny slice of family whole. Dizzy has to fight to build a family from nothing. As they endeavour to survive and endure the trials in their way, they may find that the roads they’re looking for are one and the same.






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