Postcards from Sturgis

We’re assuming that you’re here, reading this blog, as a fan of one or more of the authors that comprise the wonderful madness that is Freak Circle Press, or that you’re curious about us.

First thing, thank you.  We really appreciate all the support we’ve received for our works.

Second thing, you’re a brave person for delving into our kinky, twisted world.  We salute your inquisitiveness.

So, anyhoo…

Way back in June 2014, Susan Fanetti took part in a Q&A in the Gotta Have Romance with a Kick group on GoodReads.  One of the people taking part submitted a question asking if the Night Horde from Signal Bend would ever cross paths with the Mountain Skulls from Tippitt (Elayne DiSano).  So you can all blame Irene Oust for the craziness that ensued because once Susan told us about this we all got a little bit giddy, and a lot carried away, and we all shouldered our way in.

So, what you have coming to the blog, at a time yet to be determined (because we haven’t imposed a deadline on ourselves), will be a collection of short stories about the many and varied ways in which members from the Night Horde, the Vikings, the Marauders, the Freaks, the Mountain Skulls, the Priests and the Red Rebels cross paths during the Sturgis bike rally of 2014.

And what happened when these guys bumped into each other?  Well, what didn’t happen…

There was some action in a bare knuckle boxing tournament.

A few of them ended up discussing the, erm, intricacies of some of the work they do for their clubs.

Violet, tattoo artist extraordinaire and old lady of Mac of the Marauders MC, got her ink on.

The Tech officers got their geek on.

A couple of the other old ladies tagged along and bumped into each other.

…and Houdini (the Vikings MC) got a surprise visit from his younger sister…

Among other things.

With all these players, the logistics of chronology and story were complicated. So we decided not to bother with such trivialities. These stories won’t necessarily fit into the narratives of our series, and we played a bit fast and loose with our timelines. We all just picked a place in our own series where we could bring the characters we wanted to bring.

We’re placing this in between Into the Storm and Alone on Earth (Signal Bend series), between the last chapter and the epilogue of Perfect Collision (Marauders series), after The Way Home (Center City series), several months after the conclusion of Bones by the Wood (Kairos series), where Indulge left off (Red Rebels MC series), after Sanctuary (Freaks MC series) and just after For Your Sake, the first book of the Mountain Skulls MC series.

The moral of the story?  Be careful what you wish for!

P.S.  We’re looking into donating any money made on this to the Global Fund for Women.  If that’s going to happen, there’ll be details when we go live.

11 thoughts on “Postcards from Sturgis

  1. I love the thought of this,so different, and only made possible because of the uniqueness of all these great authors. I had better reread some of these books to jog my memory.

  2. I am not worthy! I love you guys! And I am THRILLED you are going ahead with this project … and for such great cause too! xo

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