ROOTED: The Pagano Family Book Three–Cover, blurb, and preorder announcement.


Hi, all! I’m uploading Rooted: The Pagano Family, Book Three for preorder today. It is available for preorder at Amazon now. The book is already set up in Goodreads.

The release date is 8 November 2014.

Rooted is Carmen’s story. She’s had complicated life as the oldest Pagano girl. The blurb for Rooted is below. You can find the teaser here.



When her mother died, Carmen stepped into her shoes and became the woman of the family, shouldering much of the responsibility for raising her two youngest siblings and keeping the family running. Even though Joey and Rosa are now grown, she’s found it difficult to let that role go.

When Rosa graduates from college, Carmen takes her to Europe for the summer. She means the trip as not simply a gift, but a way to strengthen their bond as sisters and to help Rosa, the youngest sibling and the pampered family princess, become a more fully-realized adult. She has no intention of spending time with anyone but her sister.

Writer and widower Theo Wilde is living in Paris for several months, with the mission to write his next book. His grown sons, worried that he is too much alone, push him into the city to meet someone new. He’s not enthusiastic, but he makes a promise to try. It’s Carmen he meets.

What begins as a summer fling against the beautiful, romantic backdrop of Paris becomes something that neither of them expected, something Carmen is not prepared for. She has always placed her family first, but to be with Theo, she’ll need to stretch beyond her roots and grow.

NOTE: explicit sex, some violence.

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