New Release: Postcards from Sturgis!

Ladies and gentlemen, readers and Freakettes, may I present to you…



A collaborative work by the members of the Freak Circle Press.

This work is strictly not for profit.  If you feel that it’s worth something, please show your appreciation by donating to the Global Fund for Women, which you can do by clicking the button below:


If you donate, you’ll get an email confirmation, or if you don’t want to give them your email, you can screenshot the receipt.  Either way, send proof of your donation to by 25th December 2014.  After Christmas Day, we’ll do a draw, and the first five names pulled out of the metaphorical hat (it might actually be a physical one, or it might be tupperware) will receive a coveted Freak Circle Press mug!  It’d be a really good idea if you included your name and address when you send us the proof of your donation.  We’re good, but we’re not psychic…not yet…
We hope you enjoy your ride to South Dakota!

Sturgis JPG

4 thoughts on “New Release: Postcards from Sturgis!

  1. OMG…just 38 pages in and I’m loving it!!! I’ve read all the authors that contributed to Postcards From Sturgis and how you all blended the characters is amazing.

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  3. Absolutely freaking outstanding,just what you would expect from these ladies ,take a bow ladies you THE BEST OF THE BEST.

  4. This should not have worked, at all. It just had so much backstory, and plot lines criss crossing. Instead it ended up a really great read with a bonus of new leads on some very talented authors that I had not picked up before. It was like being at a very interesting party with all these amazing stories that ebb together and then flow apart just to ebb back together somewhere down the line. And I don’t even want to think about the logistics…GREAT JOB ladies.

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