4 thoughts on “Center of Gravity, Marauders, Book Three, is LIVE

  1. Got it. Read it. Loved it. Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!! I really enjoyed this book. Me and my sister love your stories. My sister did an awesome review on Amazon (MadMargo). I think she may be right about the title. What do you think???? What’s next? I guess we are back to stalking your pages again waiting for the next one. Will it be Lisa???? Love your books and writing style.

  2. Thank you so much, and thank your sister, too. It was a wonderful review that made me smile like a moron. And she’s sort of right regarding the name. It was about dancing, and about being someone’s center, but also as it’s explained in the beginning, that it’s how an object reacts to external forces—so a combination of all those things 🙂

    Lisa might get a novella, but it won’t be the next book. But keep an eye open, and thank you so much for contacting me. It means a lot!

  3. Hi Lina, I just finished CoG, and loved it as much as AoT, PC & S-D. Especially the references to the Netherlands, my home country, and Russ/Quinn/Little Talks! Do you think you will update Just Breathe or make a 6th book out of it?? Pretty please?? 😄 The big question of “who” is already answered ofcourse but I still think it would be awesome to read the full story! To al Freaks; it’s really great you found each other on ff.net and now you’re selling your own books! Awesome, keep it up!!

    • Thank you so much! And, yes, Russ is pretty much Quinn from Little Talks. I’ve thought of turning Little Talks to a novella, but sadly don’t have any direct plans on updating my FF. I’ve totally lost inspiration for writing them. I’m leaving them up, though, at least for now.

      I was actually in the Netherlands this summer. We drove there, so we drove through it, but spent most of the time in Amsterdam. Absolutely stunningly beautiful country *and* city. The people were amazingly friendly, too, and I had a great time. Think it’s my favorite city I’ve been to so far. 🙂

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