Cover Reveal and Blurb: Deep, The Pagano Family Book Four

deep draft 1

Hi all,

I just uploaded Deep, Book Four of the Pagano Family Series, to Amazon for pre-order in anticipation of a 20 December 2014 release. I’ll add a link to this post when the pre-order goes live.

UPDATE: It’s live for preorder now. Here’s the link to Amazon.

I’ve set it up in Goodreads, too. Here’s that link.

Deep is Nick’s story. As such, it’s darker than the previous installments in this series. It deals much more with the Pagano Brothers side of the family, and thus is, I guess, a “mafia romance.”

Because Nick is a cousin to the Paganos on which the rest of the series focuses, his story is somewhat separate from theirs. His cousins appear in his story, and there are key narrative threads that continue through the whole series, but I think Nick’s story might also stand alone a bit more than the others.

You can find the prologue and first chapter on the blog here.

Here’s the description:

Nick Pagano is a leader in the Pagano Brothers organization. As their head enforcer, it has been his responsibility to mete out justice, to seek retaliation, to uncover the secrets of Pagano enemies by any means necessary, and to sink deep the evidence of those means. It is work that requires keen vision and perfect control. It is work at which Nick excels. It is work that has made him dark.

As the Paganos fight a war against an enemy determined to destroy them and change the landscape of the New English underworld, the boundaries between work and family that Nick’s father and uncle long ago made sacrosanct are crossed, and Nick’s work becomes personal.

Beverly Maddox lives across the hall from Nick. She’s living a life she’s worked hard to build, with a job she likes and friends she loves, content in her surroundings and in her own skin. She thinks the best of people and offers them her trust and friendship without reservation. Though her life hasn’t always been kind, she has not let the troubles of her past weigh her down. Her outlook is light, in both senses of the word.

It’s her light that catches Nick’s eye, and his attention inadvertently causes Beverly to be swept up into his dark world. Thrust together by circumstance, Nick comes to see that Beverly’s light eases his dark soul. But will his darkness douse her light instead?

Note: explicit sex and violence.

I hope you enjoy Nick’s story!



PS: If you’re a fan of the Signal Bend series, I’ll be posting a new short on the blog later today. 🙂

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