Deep, The Pagano Family Book Four, is now LIVE

deep draft 1

Deep is now available at Amazon here.

It will be available at Amazon in print copy in a couple of days. It’s immediately available in print at CreateSpace, here.

Shortly, I’ll post a teaser for Strength & Courage, the first book in the new Night Horde SoCal series, which will release in January.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Nick’s story!



8 thoughts on “Deep, The Pagano Family Book Four, is now LIVE

  1. Just finished this book, and I can’t say enough about it! I love everything you write, Susan! Can’t wait for your new Night Horde SoCal series!! January can’t get here soon enough!

  2. I can’t say it enough how much I love this series. Susan you are the best writer!! There’s a depth, maturity and authenticity to your writing.

    I have another book boyfriend, Nick. Nick and Luca my two favs – and both their books are my fav in the series. I love and enjoyed the mafia part if this book and I wish for more. I see the series is on hiatus, and as much as I am happy that there’s going be a new Night Horde So Cal series, I am going to miss this one. Can you say when you will resume/continue on with the Pagano’s? I wish for Joey and John’s books, do you have plans for them? Will we get any more stories on the mafia side of the business.

    Another great, great book. Thanks so much Susan!!😊

  3. Hi. I’m sitting back on this series; until the final book is close to release. Then, I plan to read it in order. I want to totally immerse myself in The Pagano Family! Anyway; can you tell me how many books are planned in this series? Thank you. Colleen, aka Skeletor Vixen

    • Hi Colleen! The Paganos are on hiatus, and there’s an epilogue to Deep (the 4th and most recently published book) that moves the story out a few years. My muse’s attention has moved on for now. Though I have a story idea for one more character, and would like a book for another–and would like to revisit one of the couples I’ve written about–I’m not sure when I’ll return to it. With that in mind, I wrote the epilogue of Deep so that it could be considered a series conclusion, but also leaves the door open for more story, should it happen. If that makes sense at all.

      • Sounds like…..that until further notice ‘DEEP’ is the last in the series but the door is open should your muse want more in the PAGANO FAMILY.
        Therefore; I’m moving forward with the whole thing….very soon. I have a couple more books to read ahead of starting it though (mostly, MC series books – I’m such a sucka for them and it’s all YOUR FAULT – although nothing I’ve read surpasses SIGNAL BEND – not yet, anyway).
        That said: I’m anticipating reading the PAGANOS in it’s ‘current’ entirety. Rarely; do I get to read a whole series for the first time – one after the other. Waiting has been hard for me and I almost caved a couple times.
        Thank you for the reply, Susan. Also: a huge thank you for ALL the entertaining stories. Take care and Happy New Year to you and yours.
        May the muse…….be with you!
        Most sincerely, Colleen (aka Skeletor Vixen)

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