Preorder Announcement, Cover and Synopsis Reveal: Strength & Courage, The Night Horde SoCal #1

S&C NHSC final


Strength & Courage, the first book in the new Night Horde SoCal series, is now available for preorder at Amazon, in anticipation of a 31 January release. It’s set up in GoodReads, too. I’m setting up a paperback edition as well, so that should be good to go on 31 January, too, or within a few days of it.

Before I get to the synopsis…

I know that meeting a cast of characters as large and lively as an MC might be a bit overwhelming, and the SoCal charter is twice as big as Missouri. So I thought I’d take a minute and introduce you to the new charter now, and just let you know the guys’ names and the setting, things like that.

Here are the members of the Night Horde SoCal as of the moment you’ll first stride into their clubhouse:

  • Jerome “Hoosier” Elliott, President.
  • Bart Elstad, Vice President.
  • Connor Elliott, Sergeant at Arms.
  • David “Lakota” West, Secretary/Treasurer.
  • Timothy “Sherlock” Holmes, Intelligence Officer.
  • Jesse Dressler, Public Relations Officer.
  • Darren “Muse” Musinski (the male lead of the first book!)
  • Michael “Demon” Van Buren
  • Antonio Diaz
  • Edmund “Ronin” Drago
  • Patrick “Trick” Stavros
  • Bradley “P.B.” Hollister
  • Byron “J.R.” Jerrolds

Hoosier, Bart, Diaz, and J.R. all have old ladies—you might remember Bart’s old lady, Riley ;). You’ll get a chance to know them, too—some more than others. I’m personally crushing a little bit on Bibi, Hoosier’s old lady and mama to the whole club.

The setting is Madrone, California, a place I made up. It’s sort of inspired by towns like Upland and Rancho Cucamonga, which look like this:


The SoCal charter has a well-respected custom bike shop, Virtuoso Cycles, which shares a block with their clubhouse. About half the guys work at Virtuoso.

The second book will be…actually, I’m not going to tell you that yet. As usual, I’ll post a teaser for Book Two on the weekend that Book One releases, so 31 January or 1 February. It will release in mid March, with a preorder a week or two ahead of that.

If you’ve been missing Signal Bend, you might be glad to know that most members of the Missouri charter make an appearance for several chapters in Strength & Courage. Two of them, Nolan and Double A, hang around for quite a while, long enough for Nolan to get himself a book in California—that will be the third release. I anticipated that Nolan’s book in this series would be a novella, but it turned out to be a bit beefier than that, more of a short novel. Still, since his story in California is a “side trip” from the series narrative, and since it’s not the end of his story, I’ll be calling it #2.5. I expect to release that in early-to-mid April.

And that’s as far into the future as I can see from here.

I hope you enjoy Strength & Courage. Here’s the synopsis:

The only constant is change.

The Night Horde SoCal is the new charter of the Night Horde MC, one that rose up from the ashes of a violent war with a drug cartel. The Horde’s outlaw days ended with that war.

Muse, like many of his SoCal brothers, was a member of an MC that was destroyed in that fight. A former Nomad enforcer, he’s struggled to be settled in a straight life. But Southern California is his home, his family is now Horde, and he has responsibilities. So he keeps his head down and does his best to take care of his family and responsibilities.

Sidonie has recently moved to Madrone, the town where the Night Horde SoCal has set up its base, to begin her job as a social worker for San Bernardino County. It’s work she feels a sense of mission to do.

Muse and Sid meet under stressful circumstances, on opposite sides of a dilemma. When Muse tries to bring her to his side, a fire catches between them.

As their feelings for each other deepen, the work of the SoCal charter becomes dangerous again. But the club isn’t the only potential danger for Sid. Her own work carries risk, too.

Muse needs to keep her safe. Sid needs to stand on her own. They won’t have a future together until they find the place where those needs merge and make them stronger.

Strength & Courage is the first book in the Night Horde SoCal series. Though this series, and thus its backstory, spins off from the Signal Bend Series, and though key characters from that series appear here, this focus is on the SoCal charter. If you haven’t been to Signal Bend yet, you won’t be lost in Madrone.

Note: explicit sex & violence.

Happy reading!


10 thoughts on “Preorder Announcement, Cover and Synopsis Reveal: Strength & Courage, The Night Horde SoCal #1

  1. I preordered! There are only three authors I pre-order: Joanna Wylde, Marie Force, and Susan Fanetti. Susan is in GREAT company and is THAT GOOD a writer. Thanks for the head-up on what we all have to look forward to. I’m….VERY excited.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love the Signal Bend Series HARD! I know this spin-off will be every bit as brilliant as the original. I’m very excited that we get to explore this world a little while longer.

  3. Hello Susan. I’ve read the complete SB and Pagano series and loved them. I check this site weekly to see what is coming next. Just ordered the SoCal book. Thanks for being such a wonderful, prolific and FAST writer! it’s hard when one gets hooked on an author and must wait a year for a new release from them.

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