Teaser and Cover Reveal for “Expose: Red Rebels MC Book Two”

Expose eBook CoverC.D. Breadner here! Book two of my Red Rebels MC Series will be released on Friday, February 13th. I don’t know if that’s ominous or sweet, being the day before Valentine’s and all. Aww heck, it’s sweet. This book is about Tank and I think you’re all going to love him.

The story: Rose Clairborne works the circuit town to town, never setting down roots, all to keep her mother in an upscale nursing home in England. That is, until she came to Markham to work at Rebel Circus, a gentleman’s club run by the Red Rebels MC. This town seems to be setting its roots in her for some reason.

Trevor “Tank” Williams is the Vice President of the Red Rebels MC, and an amiable flirtation with Rose Clairborne is one of the better aspects of life. The club is getting in deep with the Sachetti crime family, drawing the ire of rival outlaw factions. When they set their sights on Markham, looking to even the score for a million dollar contract the Red Rebels snatched out of their grasp, no one with a club affiliation is safe.
Forging a new relationship, while protecting his club and town is a lot to take on, even for a bear of a man like Tank. And at this stage of Rose’s life, is she still willing to continue living out of her car trunk, or is it time to finally pick an address that’s entirely hers?


An excerpt can be found on my blog here.

If you wish to preorder, it’s available now through Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords.

I hope you enjoy it!

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