Cover and Preorder: Today & Tomorrow, The Night Horde SoCal: Side Trip (Book 2.5)

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Hi everybody,

Today & Tomorrow, Nolan’s story in The Night Horde SoCal series, is available for preorder on Amazon. Its release day is Saturday, 11 April 2015.

T&T is a “Side Trip,” a story that doesn’t focus strongly on the main series arc. It’s also shorter, somewhere between a short novel and a long novella. That’s why I’m releasing it a bit earlier than I usually do.

Here’s a link to its Goodreads page, and here’s the teaser.

And here’s the synopsis:

Nolan Mariano is on loan from the Night Horde Missouri charter; he’s been sitting at the SoCal table for almost a year. Though his family is clamoring for him to return home, he doesn’t feel ready yet—he doesn’t feel that he’s been tested enough. Despite the patch on his back, he’s not sure he’s earned the right to sit in the seat his father once occupied.

Analisa Winter meets Nolan when he volunteers to teach her to ride a Harley. Learning to ride is on Analisa’s bucket list, and that list is of paramount importance to her. She is dying, and she’s determined live her full life first.

Nolan has no intention of falling in love with a dying girl. But Analisa is the kind of girl you can’t help falling in love with, even when you know that love is doomed.

Nolan becomes a man in California, and he learns what kind of man he has become. His story is just beginning.

I hope you enjoy Nolan’s story. I love that boy.


3 thoughts on “Cover and Preorder: Today & Tomorrow, The Night Horde SoCal: Side Trip (Book 2.5)

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  2. I have the feeling this story will break our hearts! Get the kleenix ready. Thx for the heads-up…….I’m on it.

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