Knife & Flesh is LIVE

Detail of the Hugo Ballin (1879 ~ 1956) Mural at Griffith Observatory, painted in 1934.  Atlas holds the zodiac overhead.  The mural was restored in 2002 and the location is presently called the Keck Central Rotunda.

It went live at midnight. Here’s are the links:

Knife & Flesh at Amazon

Knife & Flesh at Smashwords

Knife & Flesh at B&N

Knife & Flesh at iBooks

Knife & Flesh at Kobo

I’ll put up the teaser for Book 5 in a little while. In the meantime, enjoy Trick and Juliana. They are near and dear to me!


2 thoughts on “Knife & Flesh is LIVE

  1. Susan ,wonderful as usual in some ways I hate it when you put out a new book because I know the series is coming to an end ,it’s one of my greatest pleasures to read whatever you write .

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