Head Above Water (Nightshade MC) Cover Reveal and Release Info!!

Head Above Water

Hey Everyone,

Just here to let you know that the fourth book in the Nightshade MC series will be released on November 13, 2015. This will tell Monroe’s story.

Here’s the synopsis and a sneak peak.

Drea Vargas came to Detroit to settle a score. She stayed because it was as good a place as any for her to start over, make a life and home for herself on her own. Things were going well, until a face from her past came back around. Frankie, her cousin, had always been a pain in her ass; nothing had changed. In over his head, he’s desperate enough to come to her, knowing that she’d rather watch him drown, but it’s not just him in danger. Drea lets herself get drawn into a world she wants no part of because the stakes are too high not to. When her new life choices put her back on the radar of the Nightshade MC, she finds her life even more complicated.

James Monroe knows better than most that you don’t always get what you want in life. The picture he’d had of his life never included wearing a Nightshade cut, living on the wrong side of the law he’d taken an oath to protect, but when he was at his lowest they’d been there for him. They’d kept him from spiraling out of control, accepted him, and before he knew it, the club was his family. Still, he wanted more. Now, maybe he’s looking in all the wrong places—especially when he starts looking in Drea’s direction.

Drea’s always found Monroe to be handsome, kind, and the sort of man any woman would be lucky to have. She just never thought of herself as that woman, but quickly it becomes clear that there’s something between them, something more than just lust.

Loyalties will be tested, lies will be told and things will not be what they seem as their worlds collide and unexpected becomes the norm.

And here’s the sneak peak. Happy Reading!

Chapter One

The bell over the door at Love and Lace chimed; Drea Vargas looked up from the game she’d been playing on her phone. The automatic smile on her lips faded at the sight of her cousin, Frankie, standing just inside the door. It had been about a year since the last time they’d seen one another, the day after his father’s funeral, to be exact.

For a moment, neither of them spoke. Frankie broke the silence. “Hey Andrea. It’s good to see you.” He shoved his hands in his pockets, took them out again. He’d always been a fidgeter, never satisfied to just sit still and be. Uncle Tony used to say it was why he’d always gotten into so much trouble.“What the fuck are you doing here, Frankie?” Drea slid open the top drawer of the counter without taking her eyes off of him.

Couldn’t I have missed my favorite cousin?”

Drea lowered her hand into the drawer; the tips of her fingers brushed along the cold barrel of the gun. “If you wanted to see your favorite cousin, you wouldn’t be here.” When they were kids, Frankie had told her they weren’t cousins, she was just the half-breed that his father had felt sorry enough for to bring home. There was no love between the two of them and no reason for that to change now. “What do you want?

I want to talk to you about a very lucrative business offer. You see, Andrea, you’re sitting on a gold mine, and I’m not talking about this shop.” He looked around with a sneer on his face. “It is a cute place, though. Shit location. You’d have been better off closer to downtown.”

I’m not interested in location advice from you, Frankie. Get to the point.”

I’m talking about your father’s business. I know that his entire estate went to you.” His sneer twisted into something more feral. “Funny how that keeps happening.”

Your father chose what to do with what he earned,” Drea replied. “I’m not interested in rehashing this again. I’ve got just as little interest in my father’s business.” Everything was locked in a storage room. It could rot there or burn, for all that she cared. The look she’d taken into the records, the videos that she’d viewed, were worse than she’d imagined. The memory was enough to make her sick, knowing that she’d been created by a man who had been happily involved in buying and selling humans.

You’ve always been a little stupid, Andrea. Let me explain it to you slowly. Porn is big business. Lots of money. And you don’t even have to handle the day to day of it. I’ll do that. You’ve just got to sit back and reap the profits. It’ll keep this little hobby running until the end of time. Your father might have been a sick fuck, but he had a good business model.”

He exploited anyone he could to make a buck.” Andrea found it hard to keep her voice impartial. “Fuck the porn business and fuck him. If that’s what you came for, you should just go.”

I can’t do that,” Frankie answered. “I need this, Drea. You owe me. If it wasn’t for you bending my father’s ear, I’d have had enough money for my club. I wouldn’t have had to borrow.”

Drea didn’t ask who he borrowed from. She’d lived in the same world as he did from the time that she was ten years old. “How stupid are you, Frankie?” She’d thought that she’d known, but obviously she was wrong.

Fuck you, Andrea. Fuck you.” He lunged towards the counter, a mad look in his eyes.

Drea lifted the gun our of the drawer. “Stand back, Frankie. I’d hate to get your blood and brains all over my new stock.”

You owe me, Andrea.”

I don’t owe you anything.” She kept the gun on him even when he stepped back. Frankie ran a hand through his ombre brown and blonde hair. He was a handsome enough guy; there was never a shortage of women who wanted him, despite the fact he was an asshole. “Get out.”

We’re not done here, Andrea. I don’t care what you say, you do owe me and you will pay,” he threatened.

Burn in hell, Frankie.” Drea watched as he walked backwards towards the door. She was tempted to shoot him, but it was broad daylight, there were people right outside the store and orange wasn’t really her color.

Once she was sure he was gone, she dialed the one person she still kept in touch with from back home. Sarah was the first friend she had made after she’d gone to live with Uncle Tony. Sarah had always known what was going on with everyone, and little had changed. Even though she was now married with two children, somehow she still managed to know everything. If anyone knew about how bad Frankie had fucked up, it would be her.

When Sarah didn’t answer, Drea didn’t leave a message. Instead she sent a quick text saying that she needed to talk. The rest of the day dragged on with only a few customers, but she did sell several swimsuits and a pair of expensive boots. By the time that she closed the store, she was ready to go home and starving. After Frankie’s visit, she’d completely forgotten to get lunch. The idea of having to cook made her feel exhausted; if there was ever a night for take out, tonight was it. Drea debated her choices and finally decided on Italian; she deserved a pizza or maybe something with creamy alfredo sauce. Definitely garlic knots and a nice bottle of wine. She’d consume the feast on her couch, in front of the television in the most comfortable pajamas she could find.

Tomorrow, she’d deal with Frankie and his bullshit.

Just as she was about to close up the shop, the bell over the door rang. Drea bit back a sigh until she saw that her customer was none other than Monroe. He was a member of Nightshade, and if that didn’t make him memorable enough, he was also hot. He was naturally tan, with piercing eyes that varied from green to blue depending on how the light hit them. His dark hair and beard were neatly trimmed. It was really easy to picture him naked. “Welcome to Love and Lace.”

Thanks. Hi,” he replied.

Hi,” Drea replied. “Can I help you find something?”

I was thinking I should get something for this woman I’ve been seeing but…” He trailed off and shook his head.

You’re not sure what to get?” It was a story she’d heard from countless guys. Drea ignored the disappointment that he was involved with someone. Of course he was, look at him! “I can help you find something,” she offered. “If not from up here, I’ve got another room in the back.”

I heard about the back room. Sadly, that’s definitely not her scene. Actually, I’m not even sure that lingerie is her scene. This stuff is great. I like it, but she’s more….”

Drea watched him struggle for the right word. “Maybe something a little less revealing?” she suggested. “I’ve got a robe and slipper set she might like. Less revealing but still really feminine.” Even as she said it, she knew that Monroe wasn’t going to look at anything at all, with the way he was edging back towards the door.

I’m sure they are, but maybe I need to rethink the gift. Sorry about wasting your time.”

No worries,” Drea told him. “Have a nice rest of the night.”

Thanks. You too.” He smiled at her, it really was a panty-dropping smile, and left.

Drea walked to the door behind him, locked it and sighed. Of course, he’d be seeing someone. She was surprised that he wasn’t already married or something. Quickly she counted out the register, prepared the meager deposit and dropped it into the safe.

She drove to Gino’s, the best pizza place in town, parked in the lot and headed inside. Drea placed her order at the counter and headed over to the benches near the door to sit and wait. As she sat, she felt the weight of seeing Frankie settle on her shoulders. The fact that he’d come to Detroit meant that he was serious about wanting the porn business. He wouldn’t make her life easy. He never had.

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