12 thoughts on “Miracle: Pagano Family Book Six–Preorder is LIVE

  1. Hi Susan, I enjoyed Miracle and happyJoey got his HEA!! All the books were great, but Touch (Luca and Manny) is still my favorite of the series, then Nick and Beverly. Thank you for this amazing, well-written, superb series!! I’m sorry to see it has come to an end. I love mafia/mob crime family romance books. I’m wish you could write another series but all mafia 😀.

    • Hi Debbie–thanks for this lovely comment. I’m so glad you like the Paganos! There’s a chance there might be a series that would focus on the Pagano Brothers. I have some notes, but it’ll be down the road a little bit, if I find the inspiration I need. 🙂

  2. Also loved Nolan – and again sad to see Signal Bend series has ended. Will you start a new series with the Montana chapter? Will you write another MC series? I really hope so, – I think I would like a brand new MC series 😀 – I thought you were the best MC author out there but after I read the Pagano series you are just a top notch writer – you can write anything 😘 thank you for all your work!!

    • And thank you for this comment as well!! You’re so sweet.

      I don’t think I’ll write a Montana Horde series, at least not for a long time, because the Horde stories are already pretty far in the future by the end of Nolan, and I don’t want them to start getting science-fiction-y. But there *will* be another MC series set in the same world. I’m releasing the first book of the Brazen Bulls MC series in December. It’s set in the 1990s, so I found a way out of my timeline problem. The Missouri Horde will be secondary characters in it. 🙂

      • YAY!! I’m jumping up and down with excitement that there’s going to be a new MC series – and set in the 90’s – even better 😀😃. December is not too far away – I’ll be looking out for it. Thank you!!

        And please, please find the inspiration for a Pagano Brothers series 😀 – it’s would be greatly received by your fans 😘

      • Hi Susan, I am excited about Gunner’s book. Wish it was earlier 😊. You are one of the very, very few authors that write books with characters that are in their 30’s/40’s. So frustrating for readers like me looking for more mature H/h. So can’t wait for this book!!

        Thank you

      • Thank you, Debbie! I love writing “older” characters (they’re still quite a bit younger than me, lol). But I should warn you–Gunner’s just shy of 30 when his book opens, but his love is quite a bit younger. 🙂

  3. That’s ok – I don’t mind reading younger characters but not all the time. Your books are a mixture which is great. It doesn’t matter what genre it is all the characters are very early twenties even late teens, (eighteen). And having an eighteen match with a fourty something man is not appealing to me.
    It would be refreshing to have authors write romantic books with women and men in their 40’s/50’s – this is 2017 women are just as or even more sexy than ever!! 😀

  4. Hi Susan when is the next book?
    And can you please write another mafia series – all mafia business, dark and gritty 😃😃

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