TEASER – Laws of Motion: Marauders, Book Five

I know I’m taking my time on this book, but it’ll be the last full-length book in the series, so I want it right. An no worries, there are more books to come in other series to come, and I’m already nurturing some plans for more bikers. I’ll stay away from the spoilers, but I can tell you that will meet the new club in this book.

Without further ado: Here is the teaser (just click the link). Enjoy.

Laws of Motion, First Chapter

patch 2

21 thoughts on “TEASER – Laws of Motion: Marauders, Book Five

    • This was discussed quite a lot on the FCP Sturgis Celebration on Facebook, and what I said (and sort of Sisco) was that he’s not really looking for love, he’s already in love – Or rather still in love with Trudy.

      • As much as I would love to see Sisco find another love, it’s heartbreakingly beautiful that is only love will forever be Trudy.

    • No, but I’m definitely aiming to get it out during the fall. I really want to do this one right, and in combination with working now – which I didn’t before – it takes me longer than it usually does.

  1. I have waited for a new Mauraders book like forever ( said in my inner 10 year old voice) can’t tell you how happy I was to see this post. But then to find out it will be the last in the series NOOOOOOO . You’re one of my favorite MC authors and this series is one of the best, sad😟
    Gotta say loving the first chapter, can’t wait for the rest. Thanks!

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