New Release by CD Breadner

This next installment in my Red Rebels Series is three years in the making. If you’ve been holding on and waiting for it, I truly thank you. I am also one who gets deeply invested in characters, and I’m always anxious to see what else they get up to. This was a hard story to tell, mostly because we all knew where it was headed. I wanted the origin story of Mickey and Jolene, I knew it was worth telling. But it was also a look back at the club before you were all introduced to them, and you can now meet them before Gertie, Rose, Sharon, Mallory and Danielle came along. As fun as it was to go back, there was that certain point that had to happen, and it was a tough uphill fight to get it written.

The book will be available on New Year’s Eve, because I would personally like something positive to come out of 2020 for me. The pre-order is now live so you can grab it and be ready for December 31st. If you’re new to this series, I’ve knocked the price of the first two ebooks down to $1.99US, for a limited time. Just to get you started, if you’re interested (it might take some time for that price change to show up in your region).

Visit my website for a teaser read here, as well as the sales link.

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