This is a list of the authors of Freak Circle Press and their published works.  Clicking on a title will take you to the Amazon page for that item.


Lina Andersson:
Arrow of Time (Marauders #1)
Perfect Collision (Marauders #2)
S-Duality (A Marauders Novella)

C.D. Breadner:
Sin Eater (Sin Eater Series #1)
Soul Stealer (Sin Eater Series #2)

Indulge (Red Rebels MC #1)
Expose (Red Rebels MC #2)
Protect (Red Rebels MC #3)
Reprise (Red Rebels MC #4)

Drawing Blood

Elayne DiSano:
For Your Sake (Mountain Skulls MC #1)
For Her Honor (Mountain Skulls MC #2)

Susan Fanetti:
Move the Sun (Signal Bend Series #1)
Behold the Stars (Signal Bend Series #2)
Into the Storm (Signal Bend Series #3)
Alone on Earth (Signal Bend Series #4)
In Dark Woods (Signal Bend Series #4.5)
All the Sky (Signal Bend Series #5)
Show the Fire (Signal Bend Series #6)
Leave a Trail (Signal Bend Series #7

Footsteps (The Pagano Family #1)
Touch (The Pagano Family #2)
Rooted (The Pagano Family #3)
Deep (The Pagano Family #4)
Prayer (The Pagano Family #5)

Strength & Courage (The Night Horde SoCal #1)
Shadow & Soul (The Night Horde SoCal #2)
Today & Tomorrow (The Night Horde SoCal #2.5)
Fire & Dark (The Night Horde SoCal #3)
Dream & Dare (The Night Horde SoCal #3.5)
Knife & Flesh (The Night Horde SoCal #4)
Rest & Trust (The Night Horde SoCal #5)
Calm & Storm (The Night Horde SoCal #6)

Shannon Flagg:
The Only Witness (Center City Series #1)
The Way Home (Center City Series #2)

Make It Right (Nightshade MC #1)
Through the Weeds (Nightshade MC #2)
All That Matters (Nightshade MC #3)
Head Above Water (Nightshade MC #4)

Catherine Johnson:
What Price Freedom

Blood in the Water (Kairos #1)
Bones by the Wood (Kairos #2)
Breath on the Wind (Kairos, #3)

Lost in the Dawn (Erythleh Chronicles #1)
Searching the Darkness (Erythleh Chronicles #2)
Finding the Stars (Erythleh Chronicles #3)

Sarah Osborne:
A Family Man (Freaks MC #1)
Sanctuary (Freaks MC #2)

7 thoughts on “Authors

  1. Wow! I just finished Move the Sun and I absolutely loooooved it! What wonderfully written story. You hit all the points I love in a good story. Please keep writing. I just wanted to say I’ve read a lot, and I mean a lot of books and you did a fabulous job.

  2. Please sell your books to someone other than Amazon, so those of us who need a different format like epub can read on our devices. I love the books I am able to buy for my nook such as Susan Fanetti. Just started the latest. Shannon I would love to buy yours.


  3. Hi, a author from recommended you and I’m glad she did. I’m going to start reading now and I’m really excited. But I also would like to know who the author behind the penname ‘R31M4y3r’ is.

    Thanks and greetings, Ellé

  4. Back in June 2014 I read Ink Haven by Torrie Mclean who was part of the FCP at that time. She indicated a second book would come out concluding the story of Colton and Callie. Several questions have been put up on GR about when/if the second book would be released with no answer. Is this author part of the FCP and will the second book ever be released? Haven was a 5 star read for me and while I didn’t classify it as a cliff hanger, it was just a HFN.

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