C.D. Breadner (aka FuzzyPeaches1)


C.D. Breadner is a self-published author who has also written fan-fiction under the alias FuzzyPeaches1. Her first original novel (Sin Eater, 2013) was the beginning of The Sin Eater series and she looks to branch into other genres since there are many kinds of creative juices following through her. Above plot and setting her main focus is creating characters you believe are real.

She lives in a cosy home in the woods in North-Central Saskatchewan with her wonderful husband and two German Shepherds. There is no better place for writing than her wrap-around screened-in porch. She is deliriously excited to be welcomed into the Freak Circle Press fold, and invites her fellow Freaks to share her porch at any time.

CD’s Amazon Author Page

CD’s Facebook Author Page

CD on Twitter @cdbreadner

9 thoughts on “C.D. Breadner (aka FuzzyPeaches1)

  1. Thanks C.D. – I’m excited there’s gonna be another book. All you Freak Circle ladies are some of the best writers. So I am always looking out for your books.

  2. Hi CD,

    I cannot believe January is almost over. I was wondering if you have a date yet for book 2. Sorry for being such a pest :))

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