Red Rebels Book #4, Reprise

Harlon “Tiny” Gray is the oldest living member of the Red Rebels MC living on the outside, yet he’s not the longest-serving member. A long time ago he had started life on a very different path, and the bumps and lumps caused his world to change and put him on the path of the Red Rebels.

Mallory Beck played a prominent role in that past life, and she’s moved on to her own aspirations as well; mainly, being a singer-songwriter. She’s still at home in Cleary, Colorado playing lead singer to a young bar band when Tiny Gray returns home due to a family crisis.

When their paths cross again their attraction and regret are among the many dramas that play out within the violent world of the Red Rebels MC. And a secret that Tiny is harbouring is a deciding factor when it all comes to a head.

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