Sin Eater (Sin Eater Book #1)

Sin Eater eBook Cover

The Sin Eater was at a restaurant, sitting at a patio table. The late night traffic was heavy, since this was the first truly warm night of spring and a Saturday besides. Show offs cruised the streets with car stereos pumping loudly. Groups of loudly giggling girls were looking to be looked at, trolling for bars and people to notice how short their skirts were and how long their list of “dos” was compared to their “do nots.”

He was in an expensive suit again, a dark brown Ford this time minus the tie, pretending to read a paper while watching the human horde coming and going past him. No one was evil, but everyone was horny. It was amazing how the warmer weather brought it out in them.

Women smelled of chocolate when they saw a man or woman they desired. Men gave off an aroma of cinnamon or cloves or some other dark, exotic spice. Every time a pair got together around him it made him incredibly hungry.

No evil, though. Just everyone walking around smelling like a bakery.

He took a sip of the espresso he had at his elbow, and in doing so, caught a glimpse of a woman walking past, having obviously worked late. She gave off a metallic pang of annoyance, since everyone was in her way, drunk, and keeping her from getting home as quickly as possible. She was harried and exasperated. She’d had a long day. The stress was apparent even without his keen olfactory.

She dressed in a conservative skirt suit, the blazer locking and loading her upper assets in a professional way; a look he’d always liked. And the skirt was of an office-appropriate length. As she passed him she didn’t look over, just continued on her way.

And that’s when he saw her ass, and it made his hand freeze with the espresso halfway to his lips.

Her ass was perfect. In his long life he’d gone through all the male obsessions with the female anatomy, and his present fixation was on the ass. Again. The skirt she wore was snug enough to show its roundness and its firmness. Her coat short enough to courteously allow a full view. As she passed he saw it from behind, her hips curving to her outer thighs in a perfect arc. It was so perfect it pained him … and then he realized his pain was from a throbbing erection punching forward against his fly. This ridiculous human body. Shouldn’t a person have more control over the damn thing?

He put the cup down without looking away from her. He could just imagine running his hand up over the arc of her hip, then dipping it back down to caress just under that muscle that was flexing as she walked. She came to a stop at a cross walk.

Well, he was a Sin Eater, capable of accessing someone’s mind and central nervous system on a whim. He found her neuropaths easily, and just by imagining his hand running down her lower back to caress one cheek, he sent the sensation right into her cerebral cortex.

She straightened her back where she stood, squaring her shoulders. Keeping her composure, she turned, trying to see it someone was behind her, grabbing her … but he knew she liked the sensation. He read it from her mind. Hell, she was even letting a small smile show as she tried to figure out where it came from. But she had the angle wrong, because in his mind he had her bent over in front of him, and now he imagined his hand sweeping up over her lower back, and pulling her against his hips as he bent to kiss her between the shoulder blades.

He watched the woman catch her breath, closing her eyes and weaving slightly on her feet. When she opened her eyes again she was blinking rapidly, a delicious flush to her cheeks. And she was looking right at him. She smiled.


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