Beauty Within, Desire and Delirium Series, Book 3

by Catherine Johnson

Beauty Within is the third book in the Desire and Delirium series

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The Desire and Delirium series are fairy tales; familiar, but not as you know them.

Beauty Within is based (loosely) on Beauty and the Beast.

Their tale is as old as time…

Beauty is a dutiful and loving daughter. Circumstances beyond her control twisted and turned everything, until she barely knew which way was up. Her commitment to her family is her only certainty, and taking care of them has become her life.

Adam had a settled life, an advantageous one, but his own selfish actions destroyed it. He has had to learn to live with the consequences of that fateful decision.

Capricious fate brings them together, giving them an opportunity to change their destinies.

But are they brave enough to grasp that chance?

Beauty Within