Breath on the Wind, Kairos Series, Book Three

by Catherine Johnson aka MuckyShroom

Available here

Charlie “Chiz” Davis is a committed brother of The Priests MC, but even within the world of the outlaw motorcycle club, he’s considered to be a little extreme. His little quirks weren’t an issue in his role as Enforcer; in fact they were downright useful, although occasionally they caused a problem or two. But now Chiz has been promoted to Sergeant at Arms, and he really should be on his best behaviour. When he gets carried away one night and goes too far, he decides to take a break and leave town while the dust settles.

Andrea Broussard is a businesswoman first and foremost, although her business is somewhat unconventional. Her world is of her own making, she has no family or lover to share it with, because that is exactly the way she wants it. With no commitments during the holiday season she goes out for a quiet drink.

A chance encounter brings two strangers together. Completely removed from their individual spheres, they find there’s a spark that they can’t ignore.

When they return to their respective realities, they find that they’ve changed each other irrevocably. The bond that they’ve forged will be tested, but ultimately it will bring them strength, if they let it.

2 thoughts on “Breath on the Wind, Kairos Series, Book Three

    • Hi Debbie,

      I’m really glad you enjoyed the Kairos series. I don’t have any plans to write more MC romance anytime soon, but I am still writing romance. Look out for the Erythleh Series (fantasy romance), and hopefully in the new year I’ll be publishing some novelettes and novellas of retold fairy tales with an erotic twist.

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