Finding the Stars, Erythleh Chronicles, Book 3

by Catherine Johnson

Finding the Stars is the third book in the Erythleh Chronicles

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For years, Athine stood firm with the rest of her countrymen, defending their home, their way of life, from the brutal invading army. Even when that way of life changed out of all recognition, twisted by the pressure of living through constant battles and sieges, the people of Litt never gave up hope that they would win, that they would reclaim their country as their own.

Cael joined the army of Felthiss voluntarily, he thought it would be a way to see the world, an exciting life, a way to escape the monotonous drudgery of life as a farmer. In some ways, it was never a disappointment, but there were some aspects of army life that he hadn’t bargained for. He’s the consummate soldier, very good at doing what he’s told to do, but he isn’t a heartless drone.

Litt inevitably falls to the might of Felthiss, but the viciousness of the war leaves scars on both sides.

Athine’s choice of sanctuary leads to an encounter that forces her to run again. Only this time, someone is giving chase.

She’s searching for a new life, although she knows that safety and stability are too much to ask for.

Cael is looking to punish the person who endangered his dearest friends, who also happen to be the leaders of Felthiss, people that he’s sworn to protect.

Their tale twists and turns through their adventures. Hatred and prejudice give way to a grudging respect, but if they want more, they’ll have to heal their wounds.


Finding the Stars cover