Lost in the Dawn, Erythleh Chronicles, Book 1

by Catherine Johnson

Lost in the Dawn is the first book in the Erythleh Chronicles

Available here

Welcome to Erythleh; a world of politics, love, hurt, heartache and war. This is a world where farmers live side-by-side with werewolves, where soldiers fight alongside a cavalry of gryphons, and where your worst enemy might be the person that should be closest to you.

Jorrell and Serwren are in love, naively and completely in love; in the way that only teenagers can be. They have their whole lives planned out ahead of them and then fate, and Serwren’s jealous brother, conspire to keep them apart.

Despite years of separation, through all the mortal challenges that they face, their love barely falters. They grow and learn more about themselves and the world around them. When they are, finally, reunited, they realise that duty, responsibility and the fate of their nation may ultimately take precedence over their own desires.


Lost copy


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