Strange Safety, Desire and Delirium Series, Book 1

by Catherine Johnson

Strange Safety is the first book in the Desire and Delirium series.

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The Desire and Delirium series are fairy tales; familiar, but not as you know them.

Strange Safety is based (loosely) on Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

In the original fairy tale, Goldilocks was an obnoxious little girl – not so in this short story. In this retelling, she is a woman seeking safety, shelter, food. She finds a seemingly abandoned house in the woods and has no choice but to trust in the goodwill of the owners when they return.

In the original fairy tale, the three bears are a family, and so they are in this story, although they are a band of brothers bound by circumstances thicker than blood. When they find a strange woman has made herself at home in their house, there’s only one thing to do…

Strange Safety_front copy