Speed of Light, A Marauders Interlude

Speed of Light 2.0

Kathleen had been a successful political journalist in Washington, D.C for over a decade when she put her trust in the wrong person. Less than a month later, her reputation destroyed, she was transferred to the local weekly paper in Greenville, Arizona. She has a very limited number of ways to get back up to the top, and all of them include finding a good story. At first glance, the only thing even remotely interesting she can find to write about locally is the Marauders.

After the hotshot reporter from Washington visits them at the garage, the Marauders decide that Mace will handle their public relations. He’s more than willing, since as soon as he saw her, he decided that she was his kind of woman.

They soon start something that’s not quite a relationship. But as much as Mace likes Kathleen, he’s not sure he can trust her, and he also knows that she’s just waiting for the chance to leave Greenville—and him—behind.


The Marauder Riders MC is located in the fictional town Greenville, just south of Phoenix, Arizona. They own a garage, a strip club (The Booty Bank) and a sex shop, but those are mostly for show. They make the real money smuggling pot and diamonds from Mexico.

There are also two short stories, available to read and download here on the blog.

2 thoughts on “Speed of Light, A Marauders Interlude

  1. Dear Lina ,you have done it again this book is wonderful ,I look forward to each and every book that you write ,please give Sisco a new lady . Five stars .

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