Shannon Flagg, aka Simone Santos

Shannon Flagg is a Jersey girl, born and bred, and she lives there still. She is devoted to her family and a doting aunt to her two beautiful nieces. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys cooking a good meal, enjoying a quiet night in, and spending time with friends.


8 thoughts on “Shannon Flagg, aka Simone Santos

  1. I really hate to see the Nightshades MC series end. Will you be working on other books in the near future? I love all of your books and it makes me sad to not have one to look forward to.

    • Hi Judy,

      Actually, this isn’t the end of Nightshade. I’m actually working on the 4th book now. I think there will be five books altogether. So there will be more for you to look forward to.

      • I’m so glad to hear that. I guess I got Legacy – Freaks MC confused with your series. Sorry for causing any confusion. I love all of your books and look forward to reading many more.

  2. Please do not let book 3 be the last in The Nightshade MC series!! There are too many stories still to be told. I would love to have a Monroe and Drea story. Monroe needs his hea story. We need (at least i do) to know find out if Train and Meg have babies, what happens to Joshua, Buster and Caroline’s twins and last but not least Amelia’s future with baby Shane. They deserve a HEA too. Shannon has made us care for these characters. I would be happy with a novella, say something like 5 years down the road. Please Shannon hear my plea! Bobbie

    • Hi Bobbie,

      This is certainly not the last NS book! There’s still more of the story to tell. I’m working on the next book now, it is Monroe’s story and it does involve Drea.

    • I totally agree; we care about these characters and they must ALL have their HEAs so that we readers can rest easy once the series does end!

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