Nightshade MC Book 3: All That Matters

All that matters 2

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Meg Castle had never imagined she’d find herself raising her nephews. It had just happened one day. Their mother left them with their father, Meg’s older brother, who cared more about getting high than crying children. After five years, Josh still only cares about his drugs.

Even though it’s sometimes hard to make ends meet, Meg wouldn’t change a thing. She loves having Joshua and Leo in her life, even when they’re breaking the rules or testing her limits.

Joseph “Train” Grimes couldn’t remember a time when Nightshade had been stronger. Business was booming on all fronts; they were taking in money hand over fist. It was a quiet time as well; there was no threat looming over their shoulders. Train took advantage of the lull, settled into his new home and savored the peace and quiet.

It would be perfect if not for the tween terrors who live down the street. Boys would be boys, but those two seem to do nothing but scream.

When they throw a baseball through his window, all he wants is the money to fix it, but then he meets Meg. She’s not like the women he’s used to, but something about her stands out. It doesn’t take long for him to realize she reminds him of something that he’d rather forget. Still, Train finds himself drawn to her, even though it’s the last thing he’s looking for.

Meg isn’t sure that what they have could ever work. Train isn’t a man who likes change; her life is in near-constant flux. Train puts a high premium on trust; Meg has dark secrets in her past. The pull of their need for each other is strong, but it will need to be very powerful to overcome the challenges before them.