Nightshade MC Book 4: Head Above Water

Head Above Water

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Drea Vargas came to Detroit to settle a score. She stayed because it was as good a place as any for her to start over, make a life and home for herself on her own. Things were going well, until a face from her past came back around. Frankie, her cousin, had always been a pain in her ass; nothing had changed. In over his head, he’s desperate enough to come to her, knowing that she’d rather watch him drown, but it’s not just him in danger. Drea lets herself get drawn into a world she wants no part of because the stakes are too high not to. When her new life choices put her back on the radar of the Nightshade MC, she finds her life even more complicated.

James Monroe knows better than most that you don’t always get what you want in life. The picture he’d had of his life never included wearing a Nightshade cut, living on the wrong side of the law he’d taken an oath to protect, but when he was at his lowest they’d been there for him. They’d kept him from spiraling out of control, accepted him, and before he knew it, the club was his family. Still, he wanted more. Now, maybe he’s looking in all the wrong places—especially when he starts looking in Drea’s direction.

Drea’s always found Monroe to be handsome, kind, and the sort of man any woman would be lucky to have. She just never thought of herself as that woman, but quickly it becomes clear that there’s something between them, something more than just lust.

Loyalties will be tested, lies will be told and things will not be what they seem as their worlds collide and unexpected becomes the norm.