Susan Fanetti, aka laughingwarrior


I have an independent author blog and FB page. Here are my author pages at Amazon, Goodreads, and Smashwords.

As for personal information, I offer this: I’m a Midwestern native transplanted to California, where I live with my husband, youngest son, and our three cats.

My fanfic penname at FanFiction and AO3 is laughingwarrior, though I’ve pulled my fanfic from those sites. All my fanfic is in the Sons of Anarchy fandom, and it’s all erotic biker romance. Sex and action. I like things messy. You can find it here.

Having done rather a lot of research on MCs and the club life–research far beyond the limits of the SOA ‘verse–and being rather partial to hot, rough men in ink and leather, a lot of my original work remains focused on MC romance, but now I’m writing entirely in a world of my own imagination. My first MC series, the Signal Bend Series, is complete. A second Night Horde series, The Night Horde SoCal, is also complete.

I’ve also now tried my hand at more traditional contemporary romance (with a bit of an Italian ‘family’ story), with The Pagano Family Series. I’ve got a yen to try other genres as well at some point.

I write for the joy of it. I write stories that I want to read, and I’m not interested in rules and formulae. I follow my muse and my characters and let them take me where they want to go, wherever that might be. I like big emotions, dark and light.

I like complicated characters with flaws and weaknesses as well as strengths, and I like each character’s strengths and weaknesses to be different from those of other characters. I’m much more concerned that my characters be interesting and diverse than that they be widely considered to be likable. I try to create people, not types.

Likewise, I want my stories each to be distinct from the others. Once I’ve told a story, I don’t want to tell it again. So even within a series, one of my books might be very different from the next. Some might be quite dark, others equally mild.

That isn’t to say there aren’t trends and recurrences in my work. I’m drawn to certain themes and settings, and my muse has her favorite toys and tools. But I guard against those tendencies becoming a formula.

54 thoughts on “Susan Fanetti, aka laughingwarrior

  1. Hi Susan, I just finished reading Move the Sun and I would REALLY like to keep reading your Signal Bend Series. I am hooked! I could not put the book down and finished it in 2 days. I own a Nook and Barnes and Nobel is not selling the rest of the series. Can you PLEASE publish them there? I am not familiar with the correct terminology for this. I am sure you get the picture. Thank you in advance. I am certain there are many other Nook owners with the same dilemma.

  2. Hi. I do plan to put the others on Smashwords (which makes them available on Nook, among other places) as I can. They’re exclusive on Amazon for the first 90 days of their release, but I can put the second book up asap, and then the third in a few weeks. It’s much more involved to format for Smashwords than Amazon, and I haven’t had the time to put my head to it for Behold the Stars (Book 2), but I have some looser time in the next week, so I will. I’m so glad you enjoyed Move the Sun so much!! Thank you!

  3. Hi Susan, I do love the way you write….I don’t want to start anything but I just recently read your fan fiction the Rose and Thorn and I noticed it reminded me of a book that I had read by an author Scarlett Dupree, it was a little bit different than your story, especially the ending….but after reading your Signal Bend Series and some of your other fan fiction I feel that someone copied your work and that you should know about. I feel very awkward about even mentioning it….and I sat on it for a week whether it is even necessary to bring up since the book has been pulled but I guess if it had happened to me I would want to know. Sorry to bring it up in such a public forum. Sincerely Des

    • Thanks, Des. I just looked it up on Amazon, and yeah. That’s plagiarized, isn’t it? :/ That sucks. Sadly, I pulled my fic from and AO3 and re-posted it here after the date she published, so I’m not sure how I’d prove it, at least not easily. And as you point out, it has been pulled, so I guess I’ll just keep an eye on her and try to take this in stride. SIGH.

      Kind of a dumb story to steal, since it takes place directly in the SOA S4 canon. It seems like pulling the SOA stuff out of it would make the story nonsensical.

      Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Hi Susan
    It did make the story nonsensical, I remember when I read the book about a year ago, I really liked the writing style of the story….but there seemed to be gaps that didn’t make sense….and of course the ending was different…I think it was different…I ended up deleteting the book because of the gaps.

  5. I’m currently reading Move the Sun and I’m loving it! I’m a nook user as well, but also have the kindle app on my phone luckily, but I’m really glad that Behold the Stars is already up on B&N. (Let’s face it, backlighting is a b*tch!) I’ll search for the others on Smashwords first! Thanks for the awesome stories! Loving Lilli so far – really glad she’s not another TSTL heroine that just bows down to the smexy alpha male! Was looking for you facebook author page and all I found was your personal one, so I guess I’ll just keep up with you here for now!

    • Thanks for your note! I’m going to be putting Book 3 (Into the Storm) up on Smashwords in the next couple of days, and then each book will be published there about every six weeks, after its Amazon exclusive period ends. I’m so glad you’re enjoying MTS and Isaac and Lilli. They are special to me! 🙂 I don’t have an FB author page just for me, but the Freak Circle Press has a page:
      I’m on twitter, too: @sfanetti. I hope you like the rest of the series! 🙂

  6. I just finished reading Show the Fire and it left me in tears. Will the club have revenge, will they finally be free. Answer to no one but themselves? And last Why him? I am still in shock over it. What will happen to her and the kids.

  7. You sure do know how to make a girl cry!!! I came along Signal Bend at book two. Omg, I absolutely love it and am sad to see it ending. But like Kathy asked, why him. I had to put my Kindle down and walk away before I threw it into the wall! So much emotion, terror, heartbreak….. please let that be the last Horde death. I can’t take anymore!!! Do you have an estimated release date?

    • Hi Gina, I’m sorry for the heartbreak. For the most part, my stories happen as I write, and I’m as surprised as anyone else at the things that happen! The release date for Leave a Trail (Book Seven) is no later than 6 July. I’m hoping to get it out earlier. I’ll post on the blog when I have a firmer date.

  8. Oh Susan…It is with a heavy heart that I type this message. I found your books by searching for MC romances and read all that were out, within a few days, which was right before All the Sky. I just bought Show The Fire, and luckily for my sanity, before I started it read a spoiler about what happens. I did something I rarely do, I immediately returned STF for a refund before even opening it on my Kindle. I just, NO, NO, NO, I can’t handle a that happening once a HEA has happened. I am so devastated for two reasons, one because of what happens and two because of this I will not be able to read your books anymore. I LOVE dark, gritty, emotional books but what happens here is a hard limit in a romance series for me. Your writing drew me in and you are a great author, but I just cannot read series where I can’t trust that the author won’t gut me like this again. I have had a lump sitting in my chest since I read that spoiler…and am tearing up right now just thinking about the four people most impacted by what happens. My feelings about your books are double edged, they show how great your books are but they are also so good they made me fall in love with the Horde and characters and that love means I can’t deal with the way things played out.

    Best wishes for your future endeavors.

    Sadly and with regrets…a former reader…

  9. Susan,

    I just finished reading Leave a Trail, and I want to tell you that I have absolutely loved reading the Signal Bend Series (including the bonus stories). Yes, it was difficult at times, but worth the anguish. I appreciate your style of writing, your skill in bringing the people and geography of Signal Bend to life, and your ability to take us to the edge emotionally. Sometimes you push us off the edge but there is *usually* a net down below to catch us. Not always, but that’s one of the things that sets you apart from other biker romance authors, and I mean it as a compliment.

    I was glad that you made Isaac into a book geek. That doesn’t happen too often in biker romances, from what I’ve seen. I notice he was reading Patrick Rothfuss, who’s one of my favorite authors. I love your book titles; thanks for supplying the literary references for them.

    I’m trying to avoid spoilers here, so I’ll just say that I like what you did in Leave a Trail, with Badger’s development especially, but also with Isaac and Lilli and their kids.

    I saw the possibility in Leave a Trail of a spinoff series. I read somewhere that you are indeed considering it. Yay!

    I look forward to reading more of your fiction (I’m not so much into fanfic).

    Thanks for the wild ride!


    • Hi Gwynn–I just saw that I missed several posts on this page, so huge apologies for this insanely late thank you for your message. I’m so glad you enjoyed Signal Bend. I love that town. I’m working on a Night Horde sequel right now. I missed my Horde. 🙂

  10. Ms. Fanetti,

    I am currently starting on book 4 of your Signal Bend series, I apoligize if this has been asked before or if you’ve explained it before but I own a NOOK HD+ and the rest of the books aren’t available via BN, why is that?

    I am so hooked on this series, though I will admit the whole Hollywood thing has thrown me bit, I’m still trying to adjust to that…lol, but its a great series. I love MC books and let’s face it, not many authors do a good job of capturing the readers attention, but you did. I’m not ashamed to admit that your books have made me cry, they truly have. When you feel that close emotion from those words on those pages…you know you did an awesome job!

    Now are the rest of those books going to be available on BN? I have a giftcard and I would prefer to purchase them from there than from Amazon or Smashwords…


    • Hi Shaly. I’m glad you’re enjoying Signal Bend! All of the books will eventually be available at BN. They are exclusive to Amazon for the first three months, and then I release them elsewhere. The novella will be up in the next few days, and then Book 5 in a couple of weeks. Then book 6 in September, and book 7 in late October/November.

  11. Dear Susan ,have read all the signal bend books,and have loved them all ,one was gut wrenching,but it was all a journey,I have read you might do a short SB story that would be good I have really missed the crew,and I am really looking forward to your new series,can’t wait.

    • Hi Madeline. I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner; I missed your post. There are SB short stories here on the blog (the link is “Signal Bend Shorts”) and at least one more coming up. And some other Night Horde stuff coming down the pike as well. I’m glad you enjoyed the series. Thank you! 🙂

  12. I happened upon the Signal Bend series and fell in love! I have a soft spot for MC series and read quite a few of them 🙂 I only wish you had a Facebook author page! I work with a few different blogs and chose your series for our Fangirl Friday post! Is there any way to order an autographed copy of your books? Thank you so much and I can’t wait to read the final book! ❤

  13. Hi Susan!! Just finished reading some of your stories and what can I say, that I haven’t already. Your writing makes me cry, scream at my iPad. But I love every second of it. It’s real life. We all go through different tragedies in our life’s. We all handle things differently. Your writing helps me.. deal with some emotions and things that are going on in RL. Yes, life sucks sometimes but it’s not always going to be this way. Your writing helps. You have a way with words.. oh and I’m still mourning Viv. Miss all u freaks. Much love, Marisol.

    • Hi Marisol! I’m sorry I just saw this. I’m so glad to hear from you. I miss you, too. 🙂 I’m thrilled you like my stories. I hope RL gets better for you. And I’m still sorry about Viv. xoxo

  14. Want you to know there is a special level of book funk known in my circle of book addicts as the Fanetti effect. We revere and fear you all at once… So thanks for that. We all agree your books are amazing and have set the bar for future reads….trust me, not many are up to the challenge. Just started Touch and am sure once i finish the rest of my week will suck trying to find something to follow it.

  15. Hi Susan,
    I love your Signal Bend series, I am up to book 4 Alone on Earth, but I can only buy it on Amazon and I do not have a Kindle, I have a Kobo. Is there anywhere else I can buy this book.


  16. Hi Susan,
    I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your Signal Bend series, all of it. The happiness, the sorrow, is all what makes the story so compelling. I cried and laughed, you made me feel like I was right in there with them. That’s what I’m looking for when I pick up a book. I was absolutely heartbroken after Show the Fire but since finishing Leave a Trail, even though I want more, I feel complete with their story. Two weeks ago I had seen Move the Sun as a recommendation on GR and yesterday I finished up with Signal Bend. I hope you are able to give us a spinoff of some sort. I’d love to see what the future has in store for Nolan!
    Thank you and I look forward to reading the Pagano Family!

  17. Hi Susan –
    I am a big fan – and I hope there is more to hear from Signal Bend, even as you continue with the Pagano Family and other stories. One question I have always wondered about is what happened with Isaac’s sister? I kept expecting her to show up somewhere during the series. If you know her story, please drop me a hint. Thanks for so much enjoyment, reading and re-reading about the people you brought to us.

    • Hi Lee–Isaac’s sister ran and never looked back. Isaac never looked for her. He felt betrayed and abandoned because she was older and left him alone with their father when he was too young yet to fight for himself, so he cut her out of his mind as much as he could. I know a bit about her story–she had a pretty normal life since leaving SB. She thinks about her little brother more than he thinks about her.

  18. Hello, I looked you up as I very much enjoyed your SOA fics on FFNet – (I was “homeric” on there). I’m really glad that you’ve made the jump to original work and I will definately be checking it out. Best wished and happy writing 🙂

  19. Hi Susan
    I love your work and have read all I can so far. Problem is I read on Kobo and only have limited editions available. The Signal Bend series had 1,2 3 then 6 & 7. Then the Pagano family has only 1 and 2. Plus there is only one of the SoCal books listed, I don’t know if I even want to start reading those if I can’t read them all.
    Is there any plans to release the others to Kobo at all?

  20. I have recently read all the books in your Pagano Family series and was wondering when book 5 will come out?

    • Hi Stephanie. I’m not sure when another Pagano book will come out. I *am* pretty sure it’ll be John’s story, but I’m waiting for my muse to decide she’s ready to go back to Quiet Cove. 🙂

  21. Hi Susan,

    Loved you Signal Bend series, I thought it was one of the best MC series out there. I’m looking forward to the SoCal chapter of the series and was wondering if you already knew how many books are going to be part of the new series? Thx Corina

    • Hi Corina, Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed Signal Bend. I think there will be a total of 8 books in the SoCal series: 6 books that develop the club story as well as a central romance, and 2 “Side Trips” that focus almost entirely on their couples. As of today, 5 books in the series have been released, including both Side Trips, so there are, as planned now, three more coming. 🙂

  22. I read only Kobo also. I found Signal Bend 3 and 7 there, no others. I started with Signal Bend 3, because that’s all I could get. I want them all!!!! How do I get them?

      • I managed to get all the Signal Bend books, with the exception of Book #5 through Kobo. What’s up with that!? No book # 5 there at all. At first I thought that the little novella (probably called 4.5 was really book #5, but after some more research I found that there is a book 5). I don’t understand Kobo at all. I just started SB 1, and thoroughly love it!! I knew I would after having read book #3.

  23. already finished and of course, loved, rest & trust. as usual, couldn’t put it down and read all night. you are my favorite author (and i read allllll the time so thats saying a lot). i’ve got to tell you, I’m in a total state of panic. your next book is the finale of the Night Horde SoCal series you’ve said. So then what?????? I can’t let go of the Horde, so please please tell me there will be something more with them. Please?

    • I’m glad you enjoyed Rest & Trust! Nolan will get a book sometime next year, and I think that will be the last of the Horde–though I love them and miss them when I’m away, so I can imagine writing some short stories about them. I just can’t advance the series timeline much farther, since it’s already so far into the future. 🙂

      • You just made my day! I saw your reply to the comment saying it was ending. I was going to beg you for another book on Nolan. I don’t know what to do without the Horde. Hands down, my favorite MC family. I would be happy with tidbits now and then. I am so very thankful I found your books.

  24. Hi Susan, I haven’t been reading any romance books for a while now. I’ve been out of the loop. I bought Hidden Worthiness when it was released but had not read it until last week. At the same time I discovered Accidental Evils was releasing on Saturday. I had no idea who Tony was when I read the summary But I was able to read back to back which was wonderful ! What a treat!! 😊 Both books were great as usual and I really enjoyed them!

    I can’t say it enough how fantastic your writing is, mature, realistic/authentic, classy! For me you’re the best romance writer!! After many months of not reading a romance book, you drew me back in, haha. With that, I am ready for the next Pagano book – is it going to Angie’s- I’m so ready for his book. When will be the next release?

    Touch and Deep are my favorites in the Pagano series, especially Deep!


  25. Hi Susan, I haven’t read any romance books in a long time. I’ve been out of the loop. I bought Hidden Worthiness when it was released but hadn’t read it, until last week. At the same time, I discovered Hidden Evils was releasing on Saturday. I had no idea who Tony was when I read the summary. I read both books back to back which was wonderful! What a treat!! 😀
    Both books were great as usual and I enjoyed them both!

    I can’t say it enough how fantastic a writer you are, mature, realistic/authentic, classy! For me you’re the best romance writer! For not reading romance in many months you drew me back in, haha. With that, I am ready for the next Pagano book – will it be Angie’s? Oh please say it’s so!!! And when will the next release be?


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