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So I’m in the process of moving my Fanfiction work to this site, and the files below are all PDFs. They might be messy with typos, and I apologize for that but … you get what you pay for. ;o)

If you were already a follower on Fanfiction thank you for visiting here as well. You are probably already aware of the other fantastically talented ladies who also call this blog home and I’m thrilled to have my fanfics sharing a webspace like this as they are the ones that inspired me to write original works as well.

The “Valerie Turner” Saga (or “Valverse” as one reader called it):

Something Wicked (entirely) Valerie Turner wasn’t sure what brought a man like Tig Trager to her door, but her own complicated and painful past will ensure that he’s not a passing footnote.

This House Is Haunted (entirely) Short follow-up to Something Wicked. Left with a lot of unanswered questions, everyone’s favourite fuss-budget Teresa the assistant tries to understand her place in the mystery left behind by Valerie Turner. Takes place before the denouement of “Something Wicked.”

Rendezvous (entirely) It doesn’t happen often, but Val finds herself in a spot where she has to ask for help. Is there really any other option outside of calling Charming again?

Last Call (entirely) Valerie Turner is ready to take the plunge and return to Charming. How long will SAMCRO’s new direction last, and will she be welcome to stay? The final instalment of the Valerie Turner “series.”

Stand Alone Stories

Thriller Diller (entirely) Thriller Diller (def.) something like a movie, book, or television program that is thrilling. Claire Cicero takes the law into her own hands one time, and she likes it. A lot. (rated M because it’s an excuse for smut)

Happy Gets His Girl (entirely) Happy Lowman: dog rescuer and scary, lonely man.

Final Wisdom (entirely) A short fence separates her careful world from absolute anarchy, and yet Jamie Taylor has bigger concerns in her life than the biker living next door to her and her nephew.

7 thoughts on “C.D. Breadner/FuzzyPeaches1

  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed the stories I’ve read so far featuring Tig Trager (“Something Wicked” and “Final Wisdom”), who is easily my favourite character on SoA. I think your writing is brilliant. So brilliant that it’s turned me into a really bad friend and employee, as I’ve become anti-social and unemployable as all I want to do is read the next chapter of whatever story I’ve got hooked into.

    I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of SoA, but your writing just portrays them exactly as how they are and somehow makes them even more alive to me as I feel I’m closely ensconced in their world.

    Thank you for all the hard work it must take to produce such interesting, heartfelt and authentic stories. I’ve loved every minute of reading them and am sure I’ll lose many more days reading the rest of your work.

  2. I absolutely love your cal verse. . Are you thinking of continuing it? Maybe with an original character for happy? Thanks for sharing this absolute wonder.

    • At the moment I’m writing original MC fiction and self-publishing it, and that tends to take up all my time. I’m quite proud of that series as well. Thank you for your kind words! Happy reading!

  3. I’ve just finished Final Wisdom and I couldn’t not come and say something… though I do feel a little lost for words, I must say. It was good, like REALLY good. I always mark a good book for how quickly I get through it, meaning it’s so good I can’t put it down, and also whether at the end it makes me want to turn to the first page and start all over again. I finished Final Wisdom in three days (and read 177 pages the first day!), and even as I write this I am fighting the urge to scroll up to the first page and start again. In all honesty I would if I had the time to! Your Tig was beautifully portrayed. His relationship with Calvin (Charlie! <3) always drew a little tear to my eyes, and I hate to admit it but you made me cry many times throughout, but the end, damn it, I swear I went through half a box of tissues in the last 20-odd pages! The sacrifice and the heartbreak, my good god, I'm getting teary just thinking about it! You're an amazing writer. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world… and for giving me a little more Tig-ness to sink my teeth into (there really is nowhere near enough Tig centric fic in this world!). I'll certainly be reading more of your work in the future (though I'm about to start two years of hard slog study, so it might have to keep to Xmas holidays, but hey, something to look forward to!). Again, thank yo

    • Wow, this is so wonderful to read. Thank you so much! I absolutely loved writing this fanfic, and I agree: Tig needs to have ALL THE FANFICTION! And thank you again for this. It made my week!!!

  4. I am not a fan of Tig at all but all of the reviews of Final Wisdom on fanfiction.net had me curious so I have it a shot…I was not disappointed! I am so glad I gave it a chance. Every emotion you hope to feel in a story…this fic nailed it! I hope you write more SOA fics because now no other ones compare to your amazing writing! I finished it so fast, I couldn’t stop reading. Please please please do a sequel! I am off to read it again…

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