Catherine Johnson / MuckyShroom


This is pretty much a complete collection of all the fanfics that I’ve written (or had a hand in writing).  They are published across two accounts on the FanFiction site, but here they are, all in one place.

Riding the Valkyrie was written hand-in-hand with Ozzysgirl, and published under her name. This fic take place in the Vikings-verse.

All the following fics are in the Sons of Anarchy universe.  Some are my AU, some are written to fit into Kurt Sutter’s world.  Of course, I own nothing except my OCs.

Pandora’s Box : A collaboration with laughingwarrior.  However much fun you have reading it, I had lots more writing it!

Always Be You Mary and Piney Oneshot

Best Friends Forever Gemma and Luann Oneshot

Brother Incarnate Chibs Oneshot

Kindred Spirits Jax Teller and Candy Eglee Oneshot

Mother Gemma Oneshot

Can’t See the Wood for the Trees Tara Oneshot

Unexpected Emily and Skeeter Oneshot

Tig Fics

Because writing Tiggy is fun, a lot of fun.

Twelve Days of Christmas. Incorporates Eighth Day and Call Waiting.

Free to Love

Little Miss

Mustang Sally

Planetary Alignment


Ashleigh, Happy and the Lone Star MC

Some of these fictions provided the basis for my Kairos series, details of which can be found elsewhere on this blog.  They all belong in the same AU.

1. Your Past is Always Behind You

2.  Aces and Eights

3. Two Psychopaths and a Little Lady



16 thoughts on “Catherine Johnson / MuckyShroom

  1. HI
    Love your work. Just wondering if there is something wrong with the link for Two Psychopaths and a little lady as it keeps bringing up 12 days of Christmas – or is this just me

    • Hi Jasmine,
      I don’t have any more MC books in the pipeline at the moment. I’m working on a new romance series, the Erythleh Chronicles. The first book, Lost in the Dawn, is available on Amazon. I am hoping to release Searching the Darkness, the second book, in July.

    • Thank you 🙂 ❤
      I have several ideas in the pipeline, unfortunately not all of them are finished yet, and I don't know when they will be, but yes, at some point in 2017 I will be releasing more books. x

  2. Hi Catherine, I love your books especially the MC series!! I just finished Susan Fanetti’s new MC book Crash and in the back she mention you are planning on writing a Russian Mafia series. Omg I’m so exciting, this is another genre I’ve gotten interested in for sometime now. Can you say when this series will be out? I’m really looking forward to it.


    • Hi Debbie. Thank you for taking the time to check back! I’m still working on the series, the first book is provisionally titled Alliance, but I don’t have a prospective publication date, yet.

  3. Hi Catherine, I’ve been patiently waiting for Alliance : ) – I’m so sorry to be a pain, a nag but do you have a release date? I’ve been in a book slump for months, nothing interest me but I know this series will!!


    • Oh Debbie! The good news is that I got 11 chapters and 32800 words into Alliance, and that I have the overall arc planned for the series. The bad news is that I decided that I hate the FL that I’ve written and that I want to completely re-work what I’ve done, with a better set up for the series arc. You’ve been so dedicated to waiting for this book!

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