S-Duality, A Marauders Novella

S-Duality from FB

S-Duality will be released on Friday, 1 August!


At times, Sisco thought about her more often. Pretty much anything could lead him down the path to another memory of her. It hurt, but at the same time he liked those memories because they were a reminder of how he’d once had her—and had been all hers.

They met at a party in Seattle, Washington, during the late eighties. She followed him home and never left. It wasn’t a conventional relationship, and they didn’t do things the way most people did, but that was why it worked for them.

While the intimate local music scene they’d both loved became the empty media circus known as “grunge,” the two of them found comfort in knowing that no matter what happened, it would always be the two of them.

This isn’t a book about an MC, and, though it is a love story, it’s not a traditional romance. It’s just Sisco’s story.

Please note: Although S-Duality can be read as a standalone, it contains spoilers for Arrow of Time and Perfect Collision.


The Marauder Riders MC is located in the fictional town Greenville, just south of Phoenix, Arizona. They own a garage, a strip club (The Booty Bank) and a sex shop, but those are mostly for show. They make the real money smuggling pot and diamonds from Mexico.

The first three books in the Marauders Series, and a novella, are available on Amazon.

There are also two short stories and two Christmas shorts, available to read and download here on the blog.

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