Center City Book 2: The Way Home


In The Only Witness, Book One of the Center City Series, Vera and Deacon and their close friends, Susan and Houdini, lose everything when The Grievers, a violent MC populated by weres and shifters, runs roughshod over the town and decimates The Vikings, the MC Deacon, a wolf himself, leads. Exiled from the pack and forced to flee, the foursome take refuge in Wyoming and try to rebuild a new life.

But now The Grievers, having stripped Center City of most of its life force, are themselves destroyed by an even more powerful and nefarious enemy. Deke, Vera, Houdini, and Susan are called back to their town to try to rebuild and reclaim what was lost.

In the midst of so much loss, Susan, a shifter, and Houdini, a human, who were thrown together as mates when they were barely more than strangers, find that a bond that had been forged as an expedient falsehood is becoming something real. They both have painful losses in their pasts. But while Houdini is open to loving again and embraces his feelings for Susan, she holds back, afraid for him and for herself, not trusting herself to love the way Houdini deserves to be loved, and not believing she is worthy of the love he offers her.

When a ghost of her past reemerges in an unimaginably horrible way, Susan must fight for her life, and Houdini must fight for her. In that fight, if they can survive it, the strength of their love will be tested and tempered. Only then can Susan find her way home.

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