Merry Freakmas

Christmas With Lights 2On the first day of Freakmas the FCP gave to me…

Hold that thought Freakettes, because we’ve been having fun again.

This isn’t another Postcards from Sturgis.  This is twelve days of short pieces from the writers of The Freak Circle Press.  They’re not related and not all of them are stories, some are poems, and not all are MC related.  We’ve written whatever has taken our festive fancy, but we’ve done so with your entertainment in mind.

So pour yourself a glass of whatever is your poison, sit back, and keep an eye on this blog and the Facebook page for the twelve days of Freakmas updates.  This is the page we will update.  We’ll make a link in the list below live every day and we’ll post a Facebook update when we do.

As it’s the night before Christmas, we thought we’d start you off with something kinda traditional.

If you just want to plow through them all, here’s all stories in one document. Twelve Days of Freakmas

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

Boxing Day

December 27th

December 28th

December 29th

December 30th

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Day

January 2nd

January 3rd

January 4th

January 5th

20 thoughts on “Merry Freakmas

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  3. Boxing Day – LONELY HOUSE………now I kinda know how Tasha fared during Len’s incarceration years. She waited for her man…..and that wait was a VERY long one. Thank you for a fine Christmas present. It was an answer to a question-mark. Happy New Year Everyone!

  4. Dec 28
    Loved it felt every moment like I was there ,could feel the sparking chemistry between the two of them ,Freaking fantastic .

  5. Dec 30th
    Aww that was beautiful,I miss all those people ,last meeting was Sturgis
    Happy New Year ,you’re an outstanding story teller.🎉

  6. I am truly loving these lovely stories…..although to be honest; I have to wait on a few of them since I have yet to read some of the stories they’re part of. I’m working on it as quickly as I can and it’s such HARD WORK (right). LOL. Thank you to all the writers for these ‘Holiday Gifts’. Happy New Year to all, as well.

  7. Jan4th
    Susan you have a wonderful way of seamlessly blending the beautiful with the ugly, I enjoyed this so much ,hope to see more of the Pagano Family in the future.

  8. Jan 5th
    What a great end to a wonderful experience,I enjoy it immensely,and look forward to everthing the ladies of The Freak Circle Press, put out this year .
    Thank you it has been a pleasure .

  9. I read them all in one go. I laughed, I cried, I reminisced and memories all came flooding back to me. This made me hungry for more to read from your hands. Thank you Ladies, all of you.
    I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and fruitful 2015 and many more stories to write and for us to read.
    *hugs* Collinda

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