Susan Fanetti/laughingwarrior

NOTE: .pdfs of the stories are linked to their titles.

My fanfic is all Sons of Anarchy and is all part of the same AU. A caveat: I don’t guarantee HEAs or even HFNs in my fanfic. Some, in fact, end tragically, and almost all have dark themes and lots of violence, some of it intense. And it’s all smutty.

Also: There are typos and other errors. Not egregious, but probably more noticeable than in my original, published work. I don’t have the time or brainspace to re-edit nearly a million words of fanfic, so I hope you’ll forgive the errors.

The best order for reading them (chronological to the AU, but not necessarily the order in which I wrote them) is:

1) The Rose and the Thorn (Opie & Lilli)

2) Make Me Right (Juice & Frank, Part 1)

3) Phoenix (Happy & Vivian)

4) Right Now (Juice & Frank, Part 2)

5) Danger and Play (Tig & Desi)

6) Sandpiper (Chibs & Laura)

7) Hope & Happiness (Hap & Viv, Part 2–this occurs from the end of Phoenix and over the next 18 years, so it overlaps Right Now, Danger & Play, and Sandpiper.)

8) Lost Hope (the conclusion of the arc that begins with Phoenix and continues with Hope & Happiness).

9) Regret and Promise (Tig & Desi, Part 2)

10) Eating Crow (This occurs within the AU but is not necessarily bounded by the timeline. It is a short series of one-shots told from the perspective of some of the Crow Eaters mentioned in the stories above.)

3 thoughts on “Susan Fanetti/laughingwarrior

  1. Hi Susan,

    Im a huge fan! You’re easily one of my top 3 authors right now. I love the worlds and characters you create. They are so real that I get a lil sad if i think too hard about there actually not being a Lilli and Isaac. You have an incredible talent. Was wondering if you’d ever consider doing a sci fi romance or paranormal romance? I’ve been on a NA kick lately, but I will always have a special place reserved for paranormal romance. I’d love to see a paranormal romance with the kind of kick to the gut your books deliver. Well, whatever genre you write, I will always buy and read. Thanks for sharing your amazing gift.


    • Hi Lisa! Thank you so much! Science fiction is my favorite genre as a reader, particularly post-apocalyptic stories, and I’m definitely interested in doing something like that. I’m not sure about PNR; I’ve never yet felt a pull to write that, though I’m personally a fan of the paranormal.

  2. I have to say I’ve read A LOT of SOA fan fiction, and yours is some of the best I’ve read. I’m half way through your stories (at Chibs and Laura) and I have enjoyed them all very much. Every one of them had me totally intrigued and of course the smut is awesome. 🙂 Your stories have just enough of it. So just wanting to let you know I’m loving your writing! Can’t wait to finish all the stories.

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